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Dixieland of Proletariat ep 21: There's Power in the Union Ya'll!!!

Came here to say the things that get me banned on Facebook.

Everyone should burn down a police station. If we all burned down one... many hands make light work.

I don't know why I didn't do this in the first place but might as well use this platform for my memes before they get taken off FB
I was MasterBreadTheBarber FYI

I'm so exhausted by conversations with loved ones that culminate in them saying something along the lines of "but you have to vote for ______, the future of "America" depends on voting the fascist out"...

As though you can vote out a dictator, or as though the illegitimate colonizer state that is the USA is even worth saving. Anything we craft together from the rubble of this nation will be better than it's ever been since white folks got here.

I'm far more concerned with the people sitting on their asses waiting till Nov 3rd. Than what's going to happen on Nov 3rd.

You literally have every right, like it's even in the constitution, to do something about it. Like literally right now.

The concern this that your complacent with the atrocities.......

Fair warning to the fediverse, I'm pretty sure Facebook is going to unpublish my page so I'm doing a massive meme dump for the next several business days. (Weekends are family time)

You cannot stop them from, did you seriously think they'd wait, ramming a supreme court justice through. With a vote in November.

Get off your liberal asses and organize something now! No more fucking around with your failed ass system. You gotta revolt to stop whatever TF they put in place.

And honestly, what TF is your last straw?

They will now carve up every civil rights you have.

They will now pen the fate of everyone in the concentration camps.

They will now protect every Genocidal politician

They will now strip every indigenous of their land.

They will now make it open season on BIPOC, LGBTQ+.

They will now legislate police brutality.

You have a choice now:

Voting won't help from now on.

If your Liberal knee jerk reaction is to critique the mysogyny of forced hysterectomies. And mandate vasectomies as well......

Guess what, your a fucking facist, admit it, you don't give a shit about genocide.

You just give a shit if you get yours, in a blood soaked rainbow.....

And your liberal idol Obama was the architect. Because he knew how to sales pitch fascism to you, alongside Joe Biden, and Hillary.

History will judge you just as poorly as the Trump crowd facists....

They happily send Feds to gas protesters, but will stay silent, when the west coast sky is burning red.

They will fund the military $740+ billion, but won't give you economic relief for a pandemic.

They will shame you into voting for their candidates, but they'll pen your demise.

This is all, and any reason you need.

They burned the social contract, so we burn their empire....

So people are doubting that the wildfires are turning the sky red. I hate to ask, but can somebody snap a picture, next to a colour card?

I am left-wing, because I have given my soul, identity, and mission to the liberation of the oppressed. This is not a scene, this is a call to Autonomy.

Their is no official organization leading this revolt....

Just really, really, really pissed off poor people. Just like the last time, and before that, and before that, etc...

Airing out the Facebook stink here on Going to bring it hard with the Revolutionairy thought in here.

If Zucc don't want us, fine fuck him. Let's give that Free Market venture, a rightfully deserved vibe checked from the International Collective.

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