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I'm hoping to grow at least one tree for coppicing, mainly for basket weaving and small (probably mostly decorative) garden barriers.

I'm thinking some kind of willow, so that I can harvest and store it for use even after it's dried.

Is there anyone in the Fedi who grows or harvests their own coppice, and/or uses coppicing practices?


food, NYE best wishes 

Time to buy 2 flavours of 1 litre ice cream, and drown my sorrows while cackling at Letterkenny over NYE and NYD 🍦

happy Roman calendar new year, friends and fremenies! 🎆🥳

2020, go fuck yourself!

has anyone given their Switch (or any other gaming console) a name?

I've been thinking about giving mine a name, because for all that it's done for me during extreme COVID isolation, calling it 'the/my Switch' seems awfully impersonal

now to think up a name! I hope one comes to me in a dream. those are usually the most fun

dad joke, not sorry 

tomorrow is the last day before...

2020 won

geddit? geddit??!

2021? twenty twenty one/won!

hello is this thing on? I'm here all night, try the shrimp!


(ugh 2020 is never going to end, is it 😰)

Chronic illness musings, health stuff, ramblings 

I think I'm on a CI health upswing, post-Christmas crash. My baseline was already subzero, but I'm at least not stumbling & walking into doorways & walls as much again now. 🤙🏻😂 love me some shitty proprioception! 🙃
What I wouldn't give to wake up just ONE single day feeling refreshed from sleep. idek if I've ever truly experienced that? Looking back on lifelong undiagnosed CI is a trip. So much grief, so many bizarre realisations. whatchagonnado

COVID-19 vaccine update for MCAS patients - 22 Dec 


Dx'd or suspected dx MCAS patients, the recommendation is that you;
- premeditate with an H1 blocker before receiving the vaccine
- carry an epi-pen
- wait at the doctor’s 30min after the vaccination in case of severe anaphylaxis.

NB: If you have a KNOWN severe allergy to polyethylene glycol (PEG), mRNA vaccination is still NOT recommended.

Elite Dangerous, gaming question 

Ok I'm worried about being overwhelmed by any level or number of responses, but for those of you who play Elite Dangerous, what's your favourite platform?

I have pretty bad, variable cognitive dysfunction, and significant fatigue, so can't game much. I love my Switch and this is the first game that's tempted me toward another platform.

I'm keen to see what the virtual community space aspect of the game is like!

cussin', whingeing, disability-related sook 

but can't lie down for too long because bad spine and POTS-related deconditioning!

also can't sit for too long because subluxing!

lmao living is torture! 🥳🙃

ok, now my whinge is over

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cussin', whingeing, disability-related sook 

fuuuucken having multiple overlapping chronic illnesses that react to... pretty much simply existing in the world is tiring and there's no break from it.
- the heat and standing fuck my POTS
- food, sun and heat (& more) fuck my MCAS
- doing anything cognitive or physical fucks my ME/CFS
- interacting with people (can) fuck my ND brain

*shakes fists at everything generally* yarrrrr

phewf after that, I need a lie down 😂

Contributors to this series include Patty Berne, Stacey Milbern, Eli Clare, Sebastian Margaret, Mia Mingus and many others ♥️

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NO BODY IS DISPOSABLE - a video series

Disabled people of color, queer, trans, & gender nonconforming people have documented the history of ableism in the U.S. as well as the work & limitations of the disability rights movement, & developed critical resources toward a disability justice framework. The videos in this series offer snapshots of this framework & tools for activists, educators, & students to bring to their communities.

ableism within a context of racism, classism, colonialism, and heteropatriarchy 

Ableism is the Bane of My Motherfuckin’ Existence

Video (4min 44sec) -

"Exploring disability justice framework, Patty Berne and Stacey Milbern discuss the need for a politicized understanding of ableism within a context of racism, classism, colonialism, and heteropatriarchy."

Ableism & White Supremacy - resource 

Ableism and White Supremacy Are Intertwined — We Must Confront Them Together

"Ableism, broadly defined, is any expression of discrimination that favors nondisabled people, but it is not a prejudice that harms only those with disabilities. Ableism is a systemic oppression that finds common ancestry with white supremacy."

Abled/healthy people & white people need to read this.

Please share! ♥️

wild to see so much rampant ableism over Xmas. extraordinarily depressing.

ehn. another day Existing While Disabled, I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️


quite furious

maybe sleep will help



(it won't, because 'systemic willfully-ignorant ableism', but sometimes I like to imagine that it will)

Boa noite para todos 🖖🏻

And before any bros (it's always bros??!) feel like they're being specifically targeted here...

~ if the shoe fits ~

if you don't see yourself reflected in this, then that's great! But if you do, then that's not a 'me' problem, or a 'disabled people's problem. That's very much a 'You' problem.

Time to do more work, hey.

And we're here to talk! That's fine & good!
Just don't you fucking dare tell us what to do or think in relation to our disabilities.

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Belated Christmas wish; that cis abled 'woke' anti-racism bros educate themselves on disability rights & disability justice. Especially before making demands of any disabled person & being generally super ableist w/ their magnanimous 'ultra woke' bullshit.

We are ALL tired of your ilk.

You've read some anti-racism stuff? Cool brah, me too. Not really that special; it's literally the bare minimum effort. How about you educate yourself in disability rights & justice too.

Til then, sit TF down.

Ah, the joys and frustrations of Communicating While Neurodiverse 😓

Christmas appeal, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) 

I just donated to the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) Christmas appeal:

Help give Indigenous children, Elders and families in so-called Australia much needed support over Christmas

Please boost! Every bit helps


Prone to hyperbole??!


*coughs*maybe*coughs*a little*coughs* 😅

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