So you know those blue toilet water things?? are those b******* or what?

I know everything is b******* but are those like the most b*******??

I like to shitpost on fb but got banned for telling someone to get fucked... so i guess ill go eat and listen to podcasts and crash.
Pretty good day today personally. Therapy has been pretty good... nothing really major breakthrough like but just chillin... i think it was just the isolation making me want to talk to someone.

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Ok, marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at Nick Fuentes' conference. The gop is gonna have white nationalism as an official party plank within 4 years. Mark this post

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The antifascist movent in the USA is gonna have to make a pivot into opposing not just insurgent street fascists, but a entire party with an openly fascist wing and platform.

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"Support Jennifer Bennetch’s family" (funeral gofundme, Philly)

"Our loving mother Jennifer Bennetch passed on February 17th, 2022. To the world and so many others she was known as ruthless and dedicated housing activist and a fighter of injustice for so many other but as her children she was more then that she was also a loving mother. ... to us she was just as passionate about her family as she was for others"

My yesterday... i watched a guy play basketball real good and had a beer, then i did a lil art!
Plans to learn some new crafts and projects so, thatll be up here soon.
Thats bout it tho... also set up to do a rad thing at iffy books out here in philly! Check them out!!!!

Be well and safe out there!

Anyone good with making quick posters? Something to put up for the violence in pdx?

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In the wake of what appears to have been an impeccably coordinated attack on equipment two nights ago, liberal proponents of nonviolence have begun to cast doubt on the motives of the attack and to suggest that it was a false flag attack carried out by the RCMP. (1)

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We need solidarity actions with the attack on Coastal Gaslink

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Just got followed by "business funding" @ helldoge. com

Wtf dies that mean... how? Why??

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Looks like an incredible attack on coastal gaslink's intrusion on Wet'suwet'en land in so-called BC... this article is from the company but if half of this is true, it's impressive as hell:


So, that said, does anyone know of podcasts, podcasters that would be willing to chat about this? Or pods to check out? Any apps or advice on it?

I know resonance audio project,
Audible anarchist, submedia, igd, and maybe a few others but lmk what else could be helpful.



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So i was thinking about doing a podcast/audio project... Just reading and maybe (maybe) commenting on essays, zines & lefty news.

The idea came from being at work trying to hear about anarchist perspectives from Ukraine, but I can't read while I work so i wanted to listen to something and couldn't find any audio on it...

💣Boom💥 Idea born 💡
Yeah its not brand new. Its been done... but itll make me read more, will get audio versions out there for ppl and might be fun...


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Trying to get teeth so i can eat normally and look a little

$5000 dental bill...
and the prick called me at 8 am.


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