HEY! How did that work out for ya? Got any more plans that you'll put on the main and fuck up everything and NOT be a revolutionary?

It's bad. Of course it's bad. There needs to be a response. UGH!

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I posted this on the bird app as well:

"I have a video of people walking by one of the most popular gay bars in Minneapolis whilst chanting "Stonewall was a riot" and yet no one rioted and no one left the bar to engage and the walk was "peaceful" and nothing came of it other than some cool pics and vids. Interesting."

Hello Minneapolis area folks. I have a young trans acquaintance who wants to publish a zine and needs info on how to get printing. I am zine-info lacking in my later years. Can anyone offer a few pointers?

Oh fuck! Another, pre-approved celebration of a police murder with balloons at a park next week for Winston Smith. There are organizers and smart "capable" people doing it. I am ranting. I am pissy. I am happy about the folks who did some things in Minneapolis on the anniversary of the 3rd pig palace burining. I am mad that there is a pre-approved globbeledycrap party with balloons at a park two miles aware from the site where the man was murdered by police and anger is real and I am pissy.

Minneapolis liberal Tweeters like grimmace and planning a picnic. So many bad choices.

Mpls, discuss? Please. It's an important... topic? Accusation? It needs to be addressed. I was not OTG, so to speak, so I cannot say.


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Minneapolis had the energy we need tonight. 100 folks took to the area around the 5th precinct and the Uptown shopping/entertainment district with no orgs and no peace police and reminded the city of the chaos we can cause, and that we will avenge Amir Locke, Winston Smith, Dolal Idd and so many others.

No arrests as far as I'm aware. Big businesses shut down early and the 5th precinct barricaded its doors, calling in pigs from all other precincts to assist.

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some photos from twitter of some of the aftermath in uptown minneapolis tonight (1st pic is of the fifth precinct, fenced like that since june 2020)

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