By the way is there a black instance on here? Or not even just a solely black instance like an instance that's like majority of people of colour? because I really don't feel like getting lectured by white people in this instance.

@Jadedsoul905 also interested in poc spaces (where are they???)

@Jadedsoul905 Boosted to help visibility, and cuz I've seen a few people ask the same question so hopefully they'll see this.

There used to be playvicious, but that closed down a while ago. If you wanna start one up, Https:// is used by a lot of people to create instances, might be worth looking into that.

I'm also willing to help with setting something up, if I can be of any help.


Please don't read this as 'lecturing you' and I'm sure you're already aware you can just spin up your own instance. (That's what I do, BTW.)

But, why have you rejected spinning up your own instance? If you don't want to do the work yourself, I can refer you to the guy who manages mine.

And, if cost is the issue, please remember that anything you get for free is totally worth what you paid for it…

@Jadedsoul905 Not that I know of, unfortunately. There was an instance called Playvicious.Social, but it shut down due to being extensively harassed

Boosted because your liberation and mine are one. As you're finding out, the most visible Black-run instance has defederated due to harassment. If we let election drama and time erase that wound, we can say good-bye to all visible diversity on this network

There's at least one other black-run instance, although it's more tech oriented. I'll find the URL if you like. At least the admin will recognize when your experience is a result of anti-Blackness (even when Blackness isn't mentioned)

Finally if any of that lecturing is cis people in your mentions about transgender issues, I'll be happy to show them their lane. I've seen transgender romantic and sexual acceptance and tf kink in your feed, and cis-white leftists who want to hide anti-Blackness behind shallow transgender advocacy can fuck right off

@Jadedsoul905 There is but is for brazilian people... maybe admin @dobrado can help you find others.

@primavera @Jadedsoul905

Here in most of the users are black people. But the instance is open for all non-white people: Black, Asian, indigenous.

But I never heard about any black-only instances in fediverse for English speaking people. That why I created

@CaribenxMarciaX The url are I'm trying to check, but seem to be offline.

@phoenyxgreene I swear to God even if I have to use all of my days off learning how to create an instance so that us black people can have an instance to ourselves. I will do it

@Jadedsoul905 there was an instance called "" which was (intentionally?) majority black users, but it has been shutdown by the admin recently I think.

@feld of course it was. Because anything that's for black people on anything like this gets destroyed. Due to racist trolling and people just not wanting to be there and dealing with that

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