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Hey what's going on. Product of a "cultural Marxist" Jewish man and an afro indigenous woman from South America who is way too religious for our own good.

I'm a Canadian living in Las Vegas for now. Kill your idols and no gods and no Masters is the mottos that I live by.

As I've said before I have a distrust for white people but I have no issue with white people who are cool.

Yeah when it comes to sexuality yeah that's a little bit of a "gray issue" area. Anyhow hit me up.

"manners" & "politeness" as determined by a slaveholding society are tools of oppression. :sigil: catch up.

17th January 1915, Anarchist Lucy Parsons organises a hunger march of 15,000 people through Chicago. They unfurled banners that read “Hunger” and “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” but the march had barely started when the cops cracked down with their batons and fired shots over the heads of the protestors. Lucy was arrested for distributing seditious literature and inciting a riot.

Sharing from Instagram. #mutualaid groups to support in Washington DC
Cash App: $KYISM
@ dcfridgecollective
curfew begins at 6
If you need help you can DM either account
text 202-743-2782

Please #boost and #donate. Rn, Black leadership is asking us to give so I really hope Masto can show up!!

Cops and fascists killing each other is my favorite date idea

Hey, universities & colleges: stop surveilling students all the damn time.

RT CBC Sports
The Bills are finally tasting playoff success for the first time in decades, but Canadian season ticket holders are unable to attend games due to travel restrictions #Canada

Full-List of bots:

Hi I am new to this group and this mastodon platform. Any tips would be great appreciated. Thanks!

if anyone's interested in supporting me, I'm on twitter talking about my experience with kalvin garrah making a video about me. im @/anxietydyke

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