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I like the HBO show, Station Eleven, better than the book. This is the only time this has happened to me-- liking a show better than the book.

Removing perfumed things is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress, yet it's one of the most resisted things I suggest during a consultation. People look at me like I've asked them to sacrifice their first born child.

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Imagine if your sense of smell was so strong that you could literally smell things like time, emotion, objects in the way when you're blind, and cancer cells, yet you live in house that uses scented candles and air fresheners. 🤢 Please consider your pets' perspective. They live there, too!


Marge Simpson has cut her hair in solidarity with #Iran protests, in a graffiti drawn on a wall opposite #Iran’s consulate in Milan,Italy. #MahsaAmini


Also, even emotional support pets who aren't trained to perform a specific service should be trained to have happy emotional responses to upset people. I'm more lenient about some of that in a pinch, but service dog training is even more complicated because that should be a given.

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I have no way to message this person anymore and so hope this clarifies a little for them.

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Someone from here listed my name as their trainer when applying for service dog certification, and I asked the organization to decline it because:
1. You never asked me or talked to me about it.
2. I have never trained your dog even though we are online friends.
3. Fake service dogs make it infinitely harder for folks with real service dogs.

Service dogs are trained to perform a service. I said they could potentially be an emotional support pet, but not a service dog...unless we train.

Indigenous land defenders fighting Trans Mountain pipeline face jail time and need cash to fight an upcoming court case.

Everyone who gets a puppy is overwhelmed and in way over their heads, literally crying on the phone by the time they call me.

Puppies are babies.

You have a baby!

(Didn't expect that, did you?)

👀cop gangs 

Article: LAPD Officer Killed in Training ‘Accident’ Was Investigating Gang Rape by 4 Other Officers

Article: Dr. Oz’s Scientific Experiments Killed Over 300 Dogs, Entire Litter of Puppies

Everyone gives Frida Kahlo shit for cultural appropriation because her father was a German Jew and her mother's family was Spanish and Indigenous. Are people mad because of their colonial ideas about blood quantum, or am I mistaken?

Hey Minneapolis we need to hold a couple community build events on The Last Nice Day™ sometime very soon:

1. DIY COVID-19 filters (AKA Corsi-Rosenthal boxes; we have 10 sets of filters just add box fans, cardboard, and duct tape)

2. At Near North camp, building a combined supply hut and neighborhood food pantry (sorry y'all call 'em food shelves, right?) and a big "warming gazebo" (open sides, roof, chimney in the middle)

got the energy to lead on one of these? Take over, please!!!

People with knowledge of upcoming planned evictions should anonymously contact the encampment eviction tipline at (612) 712-9191 or
All who want to help our neighbors should direct donations of money and useful items to the Sanctuary Supply Depot.

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Several Minneapolis encampments received trespassing notices from the city earlier this week on 9/27 and 9/28. These notices did NOT list any date or projected time range for eviction or enforcement.

*Reed Eliot, rerahrich on Twitter: "I'm publishing this press release on behalf of anonymous comrades and residents of the encampments. In the future I will work towards creating a separate platform for these releases, but as of now, I will use my own account."

Article: One Navajo community finally gets electricity after more than 10 years. It’s still waiting for water.

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