CrimethInc.: **La Zona Autónoma de George Floyd Square Sobrevive a un Intento de Desalojo**

"On June 3, public officials attempted to arrange the eviction of George Floyd Square, an autonomous zone in Minneapolis. Here is why they failed."

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Unicorn Riot: **Indigenous-Led Blockades Occupy Line 3 Pipeline Sites**

"Hubbard and Clearwater Counties, MN – On Monday, June 7, two different direct actions by Indigenous people and climate advocates took over two different work sites in traditional Anishinaabe territory for the Line 3 tar sands pipeline being built by Enbridge, a Canadia…"

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The US continues to treat Boricuas as second class citizens. Biden defends DoJ policy of exclusion of Puerto Ricans - who are citizens of the US just like Texans or New Yorkers - from disability benefits that the rest of Americans are elegible.

#OtD 9 Jun 1963 civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer was arrested in Mississippi on trumped up charges and brutally beaten in jail on the orders of police. She had previously been sterilised without consent, as were many other Black women

In the US i think the front line is a less effective model due to the general lack of offensive fighters. The front line in the US primarily focuses on defense, in contrast to elsewhere where it's coupled with stone nd petrol bomb throwers.

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If I had a penny for every time I'm hilarious but no one gets it...

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs Reminds me that years ago when I was still living in London I had a pay-what-you-want pop-up zine table one Summer. In the "poor" boroughs most people insisted on paying, or putting a beer on tab at the local pub or something like that. When I was in the "rich" boroughs, hardly anyone offered anything and many took multiple copies for free.

I made a mistake. Telling people I use a gift economy where people name their own price for my services just led to poor people paying too much and rich people fucking me over. Rich people are so fucking cheap. They take advantage of anything meant for the poor. Welfare queens live in mansions. I tried a thing but everything is awful.

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