#OtD 6 Oct 1912 Emma Goldman began to hold a Yiddish and English Sunday lecture series in New York City on topics including psychology, the failings of democracy, economic efficiency, venereal disease and more . Check out this selection of her writings: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. please read this.

when I moved to Germany I was depressed, dysphoric, didn't speak the language, didn't leave my room, didn't make friends for >2 years. Trump had just been elected on racism against Latinx immigrants, and I had trauma from gender-based street violence in my country. Europe was having an immigration crisis, and parties like the AfD seemed on the rise. I felt as afraid in the streets as I learned to be in Brazil, scurrying through the evenings, heart thumping. Are neonazi emboldened by all this? Am I going to get beaten?

I was vaguely socialist but not politically aware. I was barely aware of what was "antifa" until Spencer got punched. It was a surprise for me to see antifa graffiti and "immigrants welcome" stickers almost every block, everywhere I went. It made me feel like there were people here who would stand by me (correctly :anarchismred:⁠).

if your antifa work consists of pasting stickers, tagging etc. it makes a lot of difference. you make people feel seen and cared about. with all my heart, thank you <3

We've got a new USA union-made and union-printed t-shirt in our online store, illustrated by NO Bonzo, celebrating mutual aid and solidarity. In partnership with @PMPressOrg@twitter.com. Check it out here: shop.workingclasshistory.com/p

Uprising, guns, injustice system (good news tho) 

Hello from Minneapolis where a man was just acquitted for shooting back at police in self defense during the George Floyd uprising!

Insightful article with graphic details of police violence and anti-black hate. It also sort of goes out of its way (so did a previous headline) to cheer on the body cameras which helped in the exoneration, but which send so many others to cages. Abolition is the only answer.


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