#OtD 2 May 1980 the Dublin wax museum was broken into and 15 waxworks vandalised. The intruders beheaded JFK and broke off the arm of Irish revolutionary Wolfe Tone, using his sword to slice off Margaret Thatcher's face and plunge it into her body.

Fuck lawn culture, fr. Bougie nonsense. Let your lawns grow free and healthy! Stomp out invasive plants, like kudzu or ivy, and encourage native ones, for sure, but you should know that your buzz cut lawn looks 10x shittier than the overgrown, abandoned lot 3 blocks down the road.

Your weekly cut is nothing but a waste of time, a waste of gas, and a waste of money.

What would a world without police look like? How would people deal with crime? Rojava, Zapatista territory, and in indigenous towns like Chéran, Mexico - where locals pushed out the government, cartels, and police - offer a glimpse at what is possible. itsgoingdown.org/without-polic

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Pigs in Wilmington attacked a queer 14yr old protestor while they were speaking on a bullhorn during a protest, ripped it out of their arms and tackled them. They didn’t do anything wrong and are being charged with some bullshit that could give them up to 16yrs, more time than they have been alive. Please donate to the legal defense. Protesting is never a crime! These pigs reacted violently to mere words because it was about them.


If your cat doesn't use the scratching posts or cat furniture, then they don't like where they're located.

My geriatric cat, Boxer, is entering her final days of renal failure. 😭

I still believe in abolishing prison. I just don't want us to start with a white killer cop.

If you listen to the police scanner to help protect your community from MPD & National Guard terror, you might also be able to hear Ole from Coon Rapids on the street sweeping crew.

This M.I.A. video popped into my head today & I revisited it. It fucks me up every time I think of it.

CW: People running over mines and their bodies exploding.


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