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Minneapolis; racism 

I think it's especially relevant right now even more folks (rightly!) not into legislative or bureaucratic politics, bc right now the Mayor, much of the Council, and of course MPD are foaming at the mouth decrying supposed violence against city staff and cops from encampment defenders and abolitionists. The real harm against city staff is coming from their bosses.

For more info follow @ccostaffmpls on bird, and read this among many other testimonials

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Minneapolis; racism 

Many Minneapolis city staff - including those in the Race & Equity division, in which 90% of employees have quit or been fired over the past year - have been organizing around their racist toxic workplace culture, in particular demanding that City Coordinator Heather Johnston (basically the highest unelected city leader) not be re-confirmed to her post.

I'm very very rarely one to give a fuck about city council shit, but would appreciate MPLS folks sharing this:

We need a different word than “mutual aid” for “asking the internet for money”

I’m all for surviving in any reasonably ethically way possible but “mutual aid” is not just any ol thing that helps tide over someone else

Hello, scholar social! Here's my #introduction

I'm here from the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology dept at the University of Toronto and the Palaeobiology dept at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I'm a PhD Candidate studying growth and life history in extant and extinct cats, using both observational data (collected by others) and data from the growth record preserved in bone (collected by me)! See below for what a fossil Smilodon bone looks like under the microscope 👀

Via @unicornriot -

"After clearing out the from environmental activists opposed to the construction of a police training facility called "Cop City" on May 17, police discussed using “deadly force” against protestors if they used Molotov cocktails."

listening to this scanner clip it's wild to me that atlanta area cops give this much idle chit-chat over a public channel.... have never heard anything like this from minneapolis. talking about movies and shit


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Someone asked me to define the other day and all I could say was "give me an action and I will tell you whether or not it is "

I invite you, dear tooter, to do the same

grabbing! someones! mobility! aids! is! assault!

So-called pro-lifers are 100% about more white babies and everyone's favorite (Quiverfull-esque) human trafficking scheme: adoption.

To be very clear, the off the rails dogs are my favorites because fuck you.

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When you're working with multiple dogs at once, it is *very* important to understand they will usually always fall for peer pressure. Focus completely on the well behaving dog (gushing with praise and treats and passive aggressive comments about how they're the best one of all) and completely ignore the off the rails ones. Soon, the others fall in line. People always try to micromanage the wild ones but end up teaching the good one that there's no fuckin' point-- good behavior is ignored.

I do see that they changed their dating coach to someone who is also autistic this season, so that is better.

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During the first season, it came out that creators asked autistic folks (who also have cognitive deficits) to say "I love you" when they didn't want to.

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The "Love on the Spectrum" show on Netflix is a bunch of neurotypical people using autistic people for a reality show wherein autistic people are coached and dating like neurotypicals would date, and so setting them up to be awkward-- for a neurotypical gaze.
Anyone can probably imagine how horrible that is. Fucking trash.

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