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dockers in Italy refused to load weapons destined for Israel

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So today in Minneapolis, the police came to violently evict (this is a purposeful redundancy on my part; all evictions are violent) a couple dozen houseless folks, at which point they moved their encampment... a block and a half up the street.

Police. We don't need 'em. Stop supporting people and institutions who aren't actively working toward a near future where this shit doesn't happen.

What is keeping you from joining or forming an anarchist collective? If you're in a collective what is preventing your collective from federating locally or joining an anarchist Federation?

Why are rural anarchists and anarchists on the rez often not connected to anarchist formations in bigger cities?

What'll taken to get it together?

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If liberation is a finicky houseplant, auth-coms (tankies), are the folks that over water to the point of causing root rot. Anarchists are the ones trying to grow a garden in an abandoned parking lot.

This was a comment on the subject of roughly revolutionary justice. Something I've done some research, thinking and writing on.

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Mediation too is non-binding. If there are rules of operating an autonomous justice process then whatever is agreed on is set, no bullshit, no double jeopardy for past shit. If the conflict flares back up where somebody violates the agreement you either get back to the table, or simply enforce the agreed on resolution.

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Restorative justice skips over those details
Example RJ has teenager pay who stole from a store pay back the store and do community service; never getting into the relationship to property, authority capitalism or their personal developmental reasoning for the theft and addressing that.
They just restore the unjust relationship back to where it was.

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Restorative justice is like the possible end part, realistically it might not be appropriate in all cases. Like a fight over money or stuff is not appropriate for Restorative justice because first you have to establish who it rightly belongs too and why the other doesn't agree.

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The question of justice starts before any restorative justice because first there has to be fair adjudication. Restorative justice happens after people think they know who did what and why.

Adjudication in autonomous justice happens with finding the truth of the thing, the perspectives and the causes from there finding an agreed on resolution and seeing that it is done.

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@Hammer I'm not actually certain what you mean by this? There's a lot of different terminology for the same stuff (even within Buddhism which is the angle I come from). But in general I've been meditating for some years now and still find it pretty hard, but the regular practice really does help me emotionally and with my focus, though I try to avoid instrumentalising meditation too much.

Anyone else using working out yoga and meditation to keep it together?

At the Cafe is really good. I think it might be Better than anarchy. My favorite of Malatesta's.
It's different.

I wonder if this has been made into a play? With like extra weirdness happening at the Cafe?

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Where people could do their own thing as long as they don't try and impose on others.

This is what the Rojava revolution set up. Through not just meetings and words civil and economic organizing but also backed up by ongoing armed insurgency.
Challenging patriarchy, state and capitalism creating the world they want. Choosing the place and time to fight. Their organizing has the conscious purpose of getting free.
The revolution is still a war of Liberation.
It ain't no picnic.

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Anyways. Anarchists always described a highly organized form of voluntary self organization direct self management and self government based on primarily solidarity and cooperation and mutual respect.
Where force was a recourse for defending life and liberty and such.

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Rereading at the cafe and I wish word constructs had been used more consistently.

Government of people over others bad.

Government in terms of organized society ok
Making Self Government no government because no state no ruling class is ruling over others.

Why couldn't they just stick to a critique of the state. The State only has one synonym that isn't close to the same it is an adjective like state of being.

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