If the changing world economic environment, in view of the #ClimateEmergency, is now forcing companies and governments to make drastic changes to their plans for the future in order to survive, selling hype seems to me like the worst practice one should use.

Saudi Arabia may be in a good position to create vast solar energy plants; it's the free ride they get by being located at the tropics. The rest requires way too much nuance for a close society like SA to achieve in the given time frame.

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Ecological misinfo: please stop 

Hey everyone please stop sharing that plankton article, there’s no actual linked research and the org GOES’ website is only pointing out what most ecologists have already been warning about for ages, which is that we’ve got about 25 years left before we have a massive plankton problem. If this is something you didn’t know about already then I hate for this to be your intro to ocean acidification but FWIW current plankton populations are like, still alive

When people recognize that providing accommodations is universal, perhaps they will be more thoughtful and caring about what the will and will not do in relation to others around them. Are we going to define certain categories of people as worthy of our care and respect, and deny the needs of the rest?

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Providing accommodations is universal. It costs money to build a ramp. It also costs money to build stairs. Only some people can communicate in sign language. Only some people can communicate in spoken English.

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"Accommodations" are something that everyone gets and everyone provides.

We tend to be explicit about receiving or providing accommodations for people with diagnoses. We tend to call it "normal expectations" for people without diagnoses. But always we are making decisions and providing resources about how to communicate, move around in the world, obtain nutrition, maintain physical comfort, and more.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a fascist.

#uspol #jan6 

I really don't understand how it is that "grabbing at the steering wheel" becomes the dominant concern about a deranged leader, after such a long history of grabbing at dictatorial power.


Live and love
And fling our words
Like dandelion seeds
Against the castle walls,
Weep and sleep
And dream of wind
Round tumbled stones
Adorned with gold.

A stranger at the McDonalds toilet today asked whether my enby child was a boy or a girl. Sensing a teachable moment, I waited until child was safely in the car and then headed over to the stranger’s table to deliver the lesson:

“Excuse me. You asked if my child was a boy or a girl? The answer is: NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!”

Jacaranda Days

Take the jacaranda days
The wildflower shower days
Embrace the soapbox derby race
The flying dandelion chase.

Soon enough the breeze will freeze
Concrete will set inside your knees
Just fly from off the highest swing
Your know your heart was meant to sing!

Empathy, not empathy

Listen, judge
Accept, question
Acknowledge, explain
Aid, avoid
Embrace, contain
Empathy, not empathy.

Pitch for crossover: the from meet up with the from to create …

… the from !

stop doing weeks

days were never meant to be regulated

years of time and yet no real-world use for time measures between year and day

wanted to syncronize your schedule anyway? we had a tool for that: the moon

'come to work on monday morning' 'i didn't see you in church on sunday' 'what a sad way to spend a friday night' - statements by the utterly derranged

look what calendarists have been demanding your respect for all this time (these are real days, made by real calendarists)

sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday????

'i hate mondays'????

they have played us for absolute fools!

Uspol guns 

Gun manufacturers in the US are uniquely shielded from product liability lawsuits through a special immunity passed by Congress in 2005.

This was an intensively lobbied response to product liability suits beginning in the 90’s that threatened to reduce profits and diminish the gun supply.

The is completely unrelated to the 2nd Amendment. Any Congress can undo the special protection.


I wish more people understood that judicial decisions are not about what actually happened. They are applications of The Law to "judicial facts," which may or may not have anything to do with what actually happened.

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