Serious question is nonbinary AMAB lesbian a thing or would that fall under something else.

Kale is only 3" tall and the gosh-darned cabbage whites are already laying eggs on it.

Gambling a bit by planting beans/cucumbers/zucchini and such a few weeks before our projected last frost date up here, but the weather if supposed to be nice up until the 1st of June so fingers crossed it'll all work out.

Favorite thing about Maine is we go from 60s and sunny to 30s with rain/snow and back to 60s and sunny in the span of a week. Spring is wild.

Really kind of amazing how easy it was to slip back into the role of a good little job-worker and just... be so physically tired at the end of the day you don't have the energy to do anything but make food and then go to sleep? Obv. that's a feature of the system, keeping people tired and busy means they don't have as much time or energy to spend figuring out they're getting fucked every day of their lives and doing something about it. Absolutely wild.

Put two different teabags in the same cup and the result smells a bit like weed is this a sign please help

Dealing with wounds 

Does anyone with more knowledge than me know what kind of thread you would use if you had to stitch yourself/someone up? This is not an urgent thing I am just curious and realized I don't have anything to deal with bigger cuts, etc. except a few strips of wound closures and those aren't final treatment obv.

Does anyone remember a cartoon with a villain with a red plasma ball for a head? There was an episode about controlling the world's supply of non-dairy creamer and it's been haunting my thoughts for the last few weeks and I'm starting to think that I've imagined the whole thing please help.

What would you do with the "Names," phone and emails of the ten III%-ers with Maine area codes. Asking for a friend. Also Black Powder Press had a thing up in their Instagram story with a link to an archive with a bunch of such names, emails, and phone . Might be worth checking up on no?

donation request for unhoused folks 

It's going be be down to -20F here in Minneapolis in the next few days. We have so many people sleeping outside in tents and no officials give a single flying fuck.

Hotel rooms cost a minimum of $52. The state doesn't care about keeping people alive. Donate and/or boost:

Why do you ask me for my resume if you're just going to make me input my entire work history and references manually

Fascist Honeypot on Masto 

Hey, check this out, a fash honeypot posing as a "collective of anarchists" selling body armor and (arms?) who doesn't know the first thing about anarchism and is using a low res hammer and sickle banner they probably just googled and a crappy communist prop avatar.
Not blocking them because I'm interested in what other nonsense they're going to spout.

I really should get around to making an intro but I haven't had the GD energy to take a shower for the last ten days.

others have been posting similar things, but I also want to give a shout-out to @makegodgayagain for putting so much work into getting ppl over onto this platform, as well as everyone else who’s been doing that! ! we’ve needed a mass exodus to non-corporate social media for a while, so it’s cool that that sort of thing finally seems to be happening. regardless of how the ig boycott pans out (hoping for the best but u know how boycotts go), this is a definite positive development!

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