Hey trans folks! Would love to hear about xenogenders and what they mean to you if anyone has got time to share :)

Me and my boyfriend: make the cat popping noises to each other for five minutes

...ah yes, neurotypicals 😂

Tell me your weirdest (aka best, because weird is great) tattoo ideas

Kinda want a big-ish rib tattoo but not sure what yet 🤔

I know gender and sexuality and different but damn as a trans queer it sometimes feels like a big mixing bowl lol

You know all those studies about how humans are meant to sleep for a bit, wake up and do something non-straining, then sleep again...why don’t we do that?
Is it because we’ve trained ourselves since birth to sleep through the night? Would there be a benefit to returning to an old schedule?

It is on my list of things I’d like to learn how to do, but in the meantime ^

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I’m not great at understanding tone indicators enough to use them (scared of over/under using) but if you ever need the tone of something clarified just ask!
I’m always happy to clarify further :)

Browsers that save your username and password for different websites save my ADHD ass 20 times a day

I want a tattoo but I’m being super indecisive about what I want 😫

Today’s personal ADHD tip:
Have at least 3 different cereals because you feel like something different every morning, and the novelty tricks your brain into wanting to eat breakfast 😂

Lol did I wanna start using xe/xem pronouns JUST because I wanted to acknowledge my nonbinaryness
Or was it also that my ADHD brain was bored with he/him pronouns and wanted novelty that will last (which is more likely with xe/xem pronouns as they’re used less) 🤔

Covid ment. 

I’m sad bout Covid so time to watch a comfort film

Also obvs this does NOT apply to racist or appropriative tattoos. Fuck that noise. I feel like this is common sense but just in case.

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This is a call out post for me because I keep wanting epic tattoos (like sleeves) and then get discouraged because of the field I want to go into. It’s just..frustrating. Same with worrying what family members think. It’s hard and shouldn’t be a thing

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Fuck the idea that other people’s negative opinions about your tattoos mean anything

I appreciate this space so much because I feel like I can talk about neurodivergence without guilt or shame about not being diagnosed

Me: maybe I don’t have ADHD I’m just being dramatic
Also me: *cries because I keep losing things over and over in my tiny room*

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