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at least this timeline we’re in has house music....imagine if....😨

No thanks I couldn’t take another bite of Marxist Leninist Maoism I’ll spoil my appetite for the vandalist arsonist Rastafarianism I have at home

all research and successful drug policy show that treatment should be increased and law enforcement decreased while abolishing mandatory minimum sentences

An awful truth that you must confront 

Aleister Crowley would have had a podcast

imagine being the first ship captain to go through the suez after it gets unblocked, and knowing that you have the power to do the single funniest thing that anyone has ever done. would you be able to resist that temptation?

swear jar 

love yourself for fucks sake that’s $5

the baby to bastard pipeline; intermediate checkpoint: cop

Keep some paper and pencil handy for doodling shapes and relaxing your mind.

Uighurs, China this is also pretty in-depth but I’d still have to look into it more


I doubt this analysis is all-inclusive and they even mentioned that but what i learned from this is that Stalin is a pretty complicated figure and a lot of what I’ve heard about bruhbruh is lies and propaganda which isn’t surprising. I’m still mostly like “why should i care about stalin when he’s dead and also not a nigga” tho lol

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