russia and china need YOUR help! that's right, only you can defend them against the odious threat of being *gasp* criticized online!! every minute you spend not defending the good name of wealthy politicians who wield excessive power over their monolithic population who apparently unanimously support the government and military is a win for american imperialism!!! the world is divided into a perfect binary of communism or capitalism! it's scientific!!!! dialectics!!!!!!!!

@Frogluvr91 , unfortunately they're pretty close to being as bad as the other.
Surely must be time for change.
If only people realized the power they hold by the way and on what they spend their money, etc...

@Antigrav I don’t live in either place so I’m not in the position to speak from direct experience, and I definitely think the narrative about the political structure and culture in western media is guilty of making them look uniquely evil or weird. but doing the exact opposite by treating their leaders like superheroes and the nations like socialist utopias isn’t helpful or honest and leaves a sour taste in my mouth

@Frogluvr91 @Antigrav I lived in Russia for 30 years, and it is much more evil than Germany for example

@IngaLovinde @Frogluvr91 , hi, I can't dispute that since I didn't live there and my direct info about Russians is from the Austrian region that was Russian occupied after WW2 and that certainly wasn't rosy.
What I was hinting at was the controlling elite in both systems that continuously feathers their own nests and in one way or another enslaves the bottom tiers to do their bidding. In the top countries of each system, crossing the wrong people sees you dead.

@IngaLovinde @Antigrav In what way? honestly curious since i haven't lived anywhere else

@Frogluvr91 @IngaLovinde , not sure which part of my reply the question addresses.

@Frogluvr91 I love the total lack of irony, and irrefutable veracity of this post!

@fcktheworld587 thanks comrade no need to verify any of this information because literally anything else is cia propaganda

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