hey y'all. It's down to the wire. rent is due tomorrow, my mom's bday. I've appreciated the help so far. I made a graphic for my croudfund. if it's not too much trouble, please share/repost it.

My second interview for this barista job is next week. if things go well, I'll be able to start finally working soon. could definitely use help til then!

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gave my landlords ~$200 so far, last month's rent is nearly paid off. Still have a bit more to go, and this month's. still nothing put towards the legal fees yet.


second interview's been put off, I got a bit of money that's lasted much further than I anticipated, y'all have my thanks! commissions still open btw

my instagram acct. is @ / eeemmmmmteeeeeee if you wanna check out my work

@eris thanks, i'm pretty excited about it. I've never worked a real deal coffee machine before and its brand new apparently

@eris won't be a single decaffeinated person on the whole webbed site once I'm through

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