anyone want/need a quick sketch of themselves for cash? I need food money. can do 1 sketch for $15 or two for $35. I work mainly in watercolor gouache graphite or ink. thanks

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still doing this btw, and they don’t have to be portraits exactly. I’m doing my best but still struggling and in my starving artist era. hmu

desperate for food rn. lots of reposts, but no offers. supposed to be getting paid to help someone move tomorrow but I still need to eat today. I only had ramen and a sandwich yesterday.

@Frogluvr91 i can just give you the money. where would i send it to?

@racemus hi! Thanks so much. I have venmo - @kiwiworld91 / cashapp - $kiwiworld91 / PayPal - @johnkill

@Frogluvr91 i don't get paid until friday ;_; i can send you some bones then but for now my available funds are low-to-none and groceries are also low-to-none 🥴

@dexiheart <3 thanks a lot 🥲 I appreciate you. I hate to ask knowing it’s so difficult for lots of folks right now. Lmk what you want drawn whenever you send it!

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