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I should’ve realized, we must look like freaks to them!

music - pl*yb*i c*rti - mute the rage [leak] 2021

this better be actually getting released soon wtf


If I can be real I don’t even think anarchism is the ultimate label I’d give to my beliefs because even that’s been whitewashed and commodified to shit. It’s just the closest thing. without any direct access to my heritage or land its left me alienated from any sorta politic that would have naturally formed if white power wasn’t in the picture. calling myself an anarchist is an attempt to pick up the pieces, self-direct and find a truth from out of the void colonizers left

lmfao. the cia don’t even pay that much. how you gonna be spreading imperialism just to barely make it into the middle class. lord.

meme, anarchy, Sb&hj, dead theorists society 

I wanna post this on main but I already feel like a pariah

if you can’t handle me at my H you don’t deserve me at my AD_D

lil uzi watched too much stephen universal. now look at him

Bankers should get just as much animosity as cops to keep it a hundo

today I found out how unnecessarily hard it is to deposit paper checks, which shouldn’t even be a thing anymore, and tripled my hatred of cities built around car traffic in just a few hours

Me at the annual antifa ™️ ball: “Fuck Marx!” *throws chair*

gid fugg’d uhh...gid fugg’d uhh...gid fugg’d uhh...

im gonna become the punisher, but for capitalism stanners

I wish omar little was real so we could send him to the White House I bet we’d have our stimulus by now

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