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Me at the annual antifa ™️ ball: “Fuck Marx!” *throws chair*

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I should’ve realized, we must look like freaks to them!

when the song is shorter than 3 min you know it’s gonna slap

hey nerds where do I get a link to download photoshop...I definitely want to pay the full legal price, because the CEO who makes 270 million dollars isn’t rich enough and downloading it any other way would be iwwegal

A goat with pathetic hooves and short horns bleats bewilderedly

Electric Wizard - stoner necromancer build
Sleep - stoner barbarian build

what’s a n word gotta do to get a few billionaires clapped around here

ganja 420 weed 

anprim stoners be like hold up lemme grab my flint and tinder

scary maybe 

niggas really said “smoking on that Phillip pack”

I will never play dee and dee with my friends again and I must accept that

his palms are sweaty, knees are weak arms spaghetti. any attempt to disarm the spaghetti must be frustrated, with force if necessary



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