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After Buffalo, say ‘no more’ by William C. Anderson (on white supremacist terror, the Tops grocery store shooting, Black anarchism, and the legacy of Martin Sostre) 

"During times like this, it’s important to understand that Black people’s deaths often become opportunities. After a white supremacist made an ideological statement through his attack, many will gather around the dead with exploitative intentions. Rather than stopping these crises, much like the nonprofit-industrial complex, the problem becomes a driving force for opportunists. We’ll see people push their respective lines, whether organizational, party politics, or policy responses. These rolling disasters and the gravesites they produce become a gathering place where everyone can say, 'This is why I’m right,' instead of, 'This is why everything’s wrong.' The difference between the two is the sincere observation of the failure of so much around us. "

Music - Teezo Touchdown - Mid (Slowed + Reverb) [Rap] 

Gun control is white supremacist and counterrevolutionary. The first gun laws that were enacted in the United States were aimed at restricting former slaves from owning firearms. Gun control serves the state and leaves us at the mercy of the police for protection, and weakens our ability to defend our communities from fascists. To preserve anarchy, you gotta be able to defend it. Get armed, train and learn your firearm, learn medical skills to save lives, take a Stop the Bleed course.

"gun control," uspol 

I'd appreciate if I didn't have to see any discussions about "gun control" as a solution to the fact that amerikan society grooms people to be violently anti-black/white supremacist. Maybe think about the history of gun control and who would be enforcing it (the fucking anti-black/anti-indigenous-as-shit murdering cops). And please stop erasing anti-blackness as a central issue in a literal anti-black pogrom on children in an openly fascist state, thanksss

the real psyop is the mass implantation of the idea that there can even be a "fake genocide"

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not sure if CJ falls under this umbrella but them too, probably moreso than anyone else tbh. we was separated at birth probably

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I love my breadtube homies but they are soooooooooo white. like even at their best they're so incredibly neon pale that it hurts. fd and andrew are the only ppl I follow that I think have a closer proximity to my paula ticks which I guess makes sense

imagine your job being literally putting people in cages and for breaking rules and wondering why people dont like you lmao

music - B L A C K I E - Revolutionary Party Pt. 2 (rap)

here I am once again to tell you that B L A C K I E deserves way more attention and support for being the prototype for pushing rap music to the logical extreme way before a lot of folks that are out now trying to do the same thing

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