Pretty Vaccined! Trust, Dignity and Revolutionary Medicine
You know what’s great about Capitalism? Choices! Lot’s of fucking choices. As the workers of the west are mostly dependent on wage slavery, this international workers day is dedicated to our most powerful illusion – choice. Everyday I am faced with an avalanche of choices and I don’t even have a wage.
Do I take the risk of infecting m

Close the Camps: Day of Action at Napier Barracks
A coalition of grassroots groups calls for an action against the Home Office housing of asylum seekers in ex-army barracks, which have been declared "unsuitable for human accommodation" by independent inspectors and "a living nightmare" by a former resident.
On 22nd May, a coalition of grassroots

Remembering Albert Meltzer 25 years on
Albert Edward Meltzer, anarcho-syndicalist (7 January 1920 – 7 May 1996)
‘Don’t forget me - or I’ll be back!’ Those were Albert Meltzer’s final words to Stuart Christie, his closest friend and collaborator, in a letter which he left with his last will and testament. In a perverse way I wish I could fo

Bolt hides from workers demanding safety protections after murder of driver
The United Private Hire Drivers Branch of the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) protested on Tuesday 4 May outside Bolt offices in London. Following the murder of Bolt driver Gabriel Bringye while on a job for Bolt in February, drivers have

Demanding the impossible: why sleaze in UK politics will never go away
The UK political system is a history of scandal after scandal. If we look to just the recent past, we could mention the way Covid has been handled, the Grenfell disaster, MPs expenses, the Panama Papers, Windrush, Hutton, cash for honours, cash for questions, back to basics, Hillsboroug

White Stripes, Green Edge
The car, a green Seat hatchback, is travelling on a motorway dead with traffic. I’m in the rear-left seat, aged nine. My mother is driving and my five-year-old brother is in the passenger seat in front. The seat beside me is empty. A bag lies at my feet. This is the M6 southbound, the longest motorway in Britain. Finished in 1958, the M6 was an extension of the first motorway in England, the Presto

Rage Against HS2 project and music album launches
A new project against the HS2 development has launched today. Below, Freedom publishes what the people behind it would like you to know.
Rage Against HS2 is an outreach campaign that aims to spread awareness of the destructive HS2 project. We aim to create outreach by giving a voice

London: Protesters gather at Ministry of Justice in solidarity with Kevan Thakrar
Friends and family of Kevan Thakrar came together today to demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Justice in what is another escalation in the fight for justice for Kevan.

Kevan Thakrar  is a prisoner th

On the periphery of police violence dispatches from London, Athens & Mexico City
The first time I encountered violence outside of the family I was fifteen and there was a machete pointed at my throat. My boyfriend and I used to take a long walk to the only 24- hour off-license in several square miles when we

Obituary: Dave Cunliffe
The poet, publisher and activist Dave Cunliffe passed away aged 80 on Friday 16th April. He made significant contributions to the British Poetry Revival and the development of the 1960s counterculture through his small press output and his tireless anti-racism, environmentalist and anti-war campaigning over several decades. An anarchist who believed in the power of the avant-gard

Hostile Environment: Home Office faces lawsuit from woman whose baby died in its care
In the spring of 2020, a heavily pregnant woman from Angola began experiencing back pain and bleeding while living in the asylum accommodation in Croydon. Despite her repeated requests and obvious pain, staff refused to call

Rent Strikes: Organisation and Action
The following text was first published by Leeds Solfed. It describes the experiences of one of their members in the Bristol University Rent Strike campaign, and the importance of direct action in the fight against the capitalist systems of education and rent extraction.
The Bristol University rent stri

Russia: editors of radical student magazine arrested for posting a protest rights video
Last week, the Russian authorities carried out searches at the offices of the student magazine DOXA and the flats of its four editors. The four editors: Armen Aramyan, Natasha Tyshkevich, Volodya Metelkin and Alla Gutnikova were subsequentl

Boat dwellers protest new waterways “Safety Zones” proposal aimed at gentrification of waterways
Last Saturday, Broxbourne’s Canal in Hertfordshire was filled with a flotilla of boats, all protesting against Canal and River Trust’s (CRT) absurd and falsely named new

Doing our duty by the lawyers
Recently we’ve had a bout of whinging on Twittergram about our advice to not use the Duty Solicitor at the police station. Since this has included such august bodies as the Law Society and generated a fair amount of debate here’s some detail and background on why this has been the policy of all protest support groups going ba

Doing our duty by the lawyers
Recently we’ve had a bout of whinging on Twittergram about our advice to not use the Duty Solicitor at the police station. Since this has included such august bodies as the Law Society and generated a fair amount of debate here’s some detail and background on why this has been the policy of all protest support groups going ba

Freedom Press and the MI5 vendetta
Today we've uploaded a new set of 25 War Commentary newspapers, mostly covering late 1943 through 1944, to our digital archive and to mark the occasion Jack Saundrs looks at a set of MI5 files which show exactly how angry the Freedom Group publication was making the State at the time. The files tie in directly with an infamous free spe
#1944 #1945

London: Protesters gather outside Home Office to demand halt of deportation of Osime Brown
Around 50 people gathered outside the Home Office in London this afternoon to demand the halt of the deportation of Osime Brown. Protesters heard speeches from activists, lawyers and Joan Martin, Osime Brown's mother.

Notes from the US
Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

This month the trial in Minnesota of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd has dominated the mainstream media. Fox, OAN and other fascist propaganda outlets have tried to pick away at the edges of what ought to appear like a just result if it were

Memoirs has arrived! Pleased with how the print job has turned out, we're well on course to get books out on time for folks who have already ordered 🙂. We're still technically in the pre-order period so it's a tenner until the end of the week!

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