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Over the Water, Sparks Fly
Following on from reports of pickets at Hinckley Point in Somerset against deskilling by construction firms, the Liverpool Anarchist newsletter looks further at that and linked protests which have been taking place 200 miles to the north.

From March 24th to April 7th, up to 30 electricians (sparks) have gathered weekly outside Balfour Beatt

No Fixed Abode Travellers Collective Resisting Anti-Trespass
Statement from nfATs ... 'No Fixed Abode Travellers' Collective & Supporters A Direct Action Coalition Group. (in association with foTHC - friends of The Horsedrawn Campaign & CA-ASF - Campaigns Area - Acoustic Speakers Fire)

Death of a royal exposes weaknesses in the British establishment
I don’t think anyone really knows what Britain is anymore, not least the people in charge of steering the country. The death of Philip Mountbatten last week highlighted its odd nature. Suddenly, the feudal backbone was exposed, with the BBC notably behaving like a state broadcaster in s

Frank Leech: Why I went on Hunger Strike
The following article by a wartime conscientious objector is taken from an April 1944 issue of War Commentary, brought out by the Freedom Group during World War II shortly before its editors were arrested for sedition. Leech (1900-53) was a close collaborator with the group at the time, having edited

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RECLAIM THE 90s!: Parallels and differences between the CJA and the policing bill and routes to resistance
There’s been a ton of commentary since the new policing bill was thrust into public consciousness by the police attack on the Sarah Everar

More than 1,500 back issues, including papers from every decade back to our founding in 1886, can be found here:

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Next bit of archiving that we're working on for the Freedom digital newspaper project: War Commentaries from 1942-44. The papers were produced by a coalition of older Freedom editors and supporters backing up a new collective with Marie Louise Berneri and Vernon Richards at its core. At the end of 1944 a wave of political arrests saw them arrested alongside John Hewetson and Philip Sansom in what became a celebrated free speech case.

The alt right in shards: what has become of the movement?
By early 2020, the separation and decline of the alt right had become a matter of intense confusion for some of its members. One confused poster wrote on the now mostly empty 8kun: “Where the fuck did everyone go?” Came the reply: “The chans are dying anon […] I suggest you train, pick up a book or beg

All seven London Ratp bus depots now backing strikes
With drivers at Stamford Brook and Hounslow Heath voting to join industrial action against a real-terms pay cut, the company is facing serious trouble in South and West London.

The row has been rumbling on since 2019, when London United, a subsidiary of transport giant Ratp which is contracted to TfL for routes across la


|| Contra el fascismo y su violencia. 🔴⚫

Intervención de un compañero de CNT AIT durante la concentración en la plaza del Ayuntamiento.


In the wake of police violence we must say, abolish the police!
Spring is here! It’s a bank holiday weekend! The lockdown has very slightly been relaxed! No wonder people can’t wait to get out and enjoy themselves. But when the Met go on Easter Parade it’s very different. Hundreds of people get attacked with batons and shields, pepper sprayed a

France: Defending the workers’ gardens against an Olympic parasite
With massive building works for the 2024 Olympics being implemented, Parisians are organising against the systemic use of this "symbol of global unity" to bulldoze and remake communities for the benefit of elite interests.

Seven hectares of allotments around t

Construction rank and file blockades Hinkley Point against de-skilling
Along with the ongoing protests against the Policing Bill, the past month has seen another, less high-profile struggle playing out across the UK, as electricians and other construction workers have mounted a campaign against employers trying to de-skill their trade. The

Launching April 19th: A fully footnoted, illustrated and completed edition of Memoirs of a Revolutionist - £3 off if you pre-order!

ANTIFA to sue George Soros for unpaid wages
This week court cases began in several countries against George Soros for what is believed to be a legal first for anarchists.
Many ANTIFA groups are already on indefinite strike. The exception being the UK where anti-trade union legislation means a six-week wait for the outcome of a well-attended ballot. However, a local spokesperson stated:
“We’re pretty much working to

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