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Le point de vue de l'Association des femmes révolutionnaires d’Afghanistan (RAWA) sur ce qui se passe actuellement dansleur pays.


I would like to see this film but it's not available in my region. Can someone please help me?

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antifascist action announcement 

and another flyer, looking like pdx is heating up for a big one on sunday, aug. 22.

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The Greek government attempted to control by employing cops, the only public servants that were hired during the pandemic. 3 days afterwards the whole country is burning and thousands of forest hectares are gone. Neoliberalism and fascist politics in action..

Another international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners will take place this year

web: solidarity.international/

posters (different languages): solidarity.international/index

prisoner's list: solidarity.international/index

Call for International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners 2021 // 23 – 30 August

a-fund@riseup.net DONATE! - afund.info/donate

A protest took place in Kyiv against government attempts to extradite Belarusian anarchists.

For some time now, Ukrainian special forces(SBU) and police were trying to send Belarusian anarchists back to Belarus. Their names are Bolenkov and Kondratovich, it's expected that these people will be sent to prison and tortured if extradition happens.

This is extra outrageous considering that Bolenkov was on Maidan in 2014 as part of the revolutionary movement.

Workers have been quitting in droves in 2021. This can be an effective pressure tactic on employers—volatility in the workforce can force them to offer better terms.

Of course, to be able to risk quitting, we have to build support networks and other means of collective survival.


Protesters in various cities across Lebanon took to the streets to decry the arrest of prominent anti-corruption activist Khaled Al-Deek, demanding the resignation of the government for its failure to properly handle hyperinflation and soaring gas prices.

Hundreds of protesters across Eswatini returned to the streets in opposition to the continued existence of the country’s government, recognized as the last absolute monarchy in Africa. Demonstrators set fire to assets and businesses belonging to King Mswati, following brutal repression by security forces and police.

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Anarchist News: **Don’t give up, don’t give out**

"from Anarchist Fighter Since 2017 our movement has faced the repressions of the scale and intensity previously unseen. The main “spice” of the situation is massive usage of tortures by FSB secret service. Before the cases of beatings and tortures of the anarchists in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were …"


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Kill the Bill demonstrations have been annouced for May 1st to take place across the country. The demonstrations are part of a national day of action against the Conservative government’s repressive police crackdown Bill, taking place in Sheffield, London, Leeds and Manchester. The day of action has been organised by a coalition of groups including Sisters Uncut, Black Lives Matter UK, Disabled People Against Cuts, Women’s Strike Assembly and Docs not Cops.

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