If you haven’t already heard, we at subMedia are holding a fundraiser. A huge Thank You to everyone who already donated, after just a few short days we are at just over 10% of our fundraising goals.

at the gig last night there was this super nice kid who was so excited that we had estrogen at our table that they ran around showing it to all their friends, one of which of course dropped the glass bottle onto the concrete. so then there's now a bunch of shards splashing around with 8 months of e in the pit, kids getting dosed left and right.

forced feminization via mosh pit is pretty punk i guess, so no harm no fowl

anyways we're working on a new full-length magazine stay tuned toot toot

discourse is getting kinda interesting in pittsburgh i'm hoping for an absolutely unhinged take to push it over the ledge submissions open


autonomous mastadon tiktok and the robot narrator voice is DeeDoss from @subMedia
and theres no algorithm so youre stuck watching the same 3 autonomous mastadon tiktok content creators @moxie
plz invest it's foolproof the zoomers will love it autonomous social media is useful

still not sold on this whole autonomous social media thing. listened to whole ass interviews and podcast debates on it, read plenty of arguments for it... but like, isnt the sole purpose of social media to propagandize? why tf would i actual want to be social on here. fuck technnologyiesagdssd idk yea but i remembered the password and im the only filler kid that uses this account so send "toot" i guess

petition to @Filler_PGH to start putting their banger posts on masto instead of twitter, like this one:

piss on a shadyside yuppie’s hydrangeas and then rip out their ring camera at 5:30am

or else i might just start stealing their posts for my own

OK I'm going to liveblog my listening DISTROISM NOW, the new monthly podcast from @igd @igd_news featuring a different distro each month

This one's by @Filler_PGH from Pittsburgh "Don't Fucking Move Here!" getting me into the "ungovernable halloween spirit" itsgoingdown.org/introducing-d

and I am so psyched to hear them interview PDX Litter Bloc

Submission from @NLGPGH on supporting Pgh arrestees.

"Over 60 people have been charged with felonies in Pittsburgh for last summer’s protests [...] Most of them don’t have or online fundraising campaigns, or the backing of large activist organizations."


Crust Punk for the Collapse Mixtape #2 || Arboricidio, Alteri, Knür, Phantom Hymn, Habak

Support the bands, support the movement, throw shit at cops.


Cracks in the Steel City is a filler column that recaps local news that anarchists in Pittsburgh may find interesting, with a particular focus on autonomous, illegalist, and insurrectionist activity. We also include information about fascist activity, state repression, and capitalist maneuvering.

This edition covers January 1 - March 22.

1312 in 412


@Filler_PGH the store now has pins, stickers, patches, and some more random shit :)

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Up now on Listen Left is Lorenzo Komboa’Ervin’s Anarchism & The Black Revolution

Slowly updating the webstore. Shits basically Filler Prime, you might even get your mailorder in less than a month now. Stay tuned for patches, pins & tapes

All proceeds go to our friendly neighborhood anarchist bookstore, except where noted.


On new year's eve multiple federal building including the federal detention center and a sheriffs vans were vandalized. Six people were arrested. Be on the look out for how to support the accused.

After months of nonstop mobilizing against police, fascists, and the threat of a coup, this is a good time to revisit "After the Crest," our analysis from 2013 about how to make the most of the waning phase of an uprising while caring for ourselves.


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