Okay but whats with patronizing "hatchlings" anyway, being older doesn't mean you have nothing to learn from younger trans folks. Gender isn't the same experience now as it was for you.

Kafka Was Gay And You Can't Prove Otherwise

history won't absolve shit unless we're writing the damn books 😀

meta on social conservatives in minority spaces 

A lot of people we want to fight for may not be socially progressive or radical. I've had clients try to attack me and be transphobic to me but it was because they didn't have access to basic housing in a racist and transphobic system and a lack of exposure to the books I've read, people I've met, things I've deconstructed. A lot of reactionary bullshit is a product of this awful capitalist system and those people still deserve liberation

Here's a lesson: carry narcan on you, even if you don't use. You never fucking know when someone might need it.

Might fuck around and become a problematic post-left egoist / accelerationist again, been out of touch with philosophy for a bit but I'm in the mood

Was really praying I got a new endo since I saw a different last name but my current one just got married is all

She won't let me try finasteride or progesterone or anything fun lol

If I could just, not have to work anymore
I would have the energy to do so much more creatively

bro your eyes are so pretty, no homo bro. like I could get lost in them, in a heterosexual way

Joe Biden has been president for 35 days and there are still concentration camps at the border.

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