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So, this is the Anti-Facebook? Count me the fuck in. Will follow back all lefties.
Trans, Marxist, Antifa, Lesbitarian, Poet, Writer,
BPD, Bi-polar, PTSD-C, NSSID, Body Dysmorphia, Gender Dysphoria. Quite the fucking catch eh?

"Trans people decide what transphobia is"
- Dawn Butler

Nuff said.

If I'ma let a cis man near me because I was desperate for dick, they def need to shoot huge volumes of rainbow jizz...

3:45am - The bedtime of optimistic insomniacs....

@delve all jobs require skills. Some skills are valued less than others.

And a hell of a lot of labor is expected to be performed without pay. Reproductive, household, emotional support, elder care, but also things like moderating Facebook groups, thats work that generates capital for a business, but we’re not even allowed to think of it that way because people do it for free.


TW: Bi-polar, BPD, Blood, Contemplating self harm/suicidal thoughts.

Suggested: 16+ Do NOT read if triggered by any of the above.

©Fee Amerie 11/09/20

"Part of Me"

TW: Child abuse, Poverty, Malnutrition, Night terrors. Graphic descriptions of sexual violence.

18+ only please. Do NOT read if triggered or negatively affected by any of the above.

©Fee Amerie 16/06/20

"Trans Women of Colour Throwing Bricks at The Police
(The Poem That Became a Meme)"

CW: References to history of violence against LGBT community. Commercialisation of Pride.
Betrayal of queer culture.
Police brutality/hypocrisy.

©Fee Amerie 14/05/19


CW: Gender Dysphoria, BPD, Paranoia
Suggested 16+

©Fee Amerie 05/05/19

"A Jumble of Useless Consonants
(Pulled From The Vowel Bag)"

CW: BPD, Alcohol. Suggested 16+

©Fee Amerie 16/09/20

"Being Han Solo"

Reminiscing on childhood, hating puberty.
CW: one word reference to csa. Usual copious use of the F word.

©Fee Amerie

"Mother's Day"

TW: Child Sex Abuse, Rape, Prostitution, Drug abuse, Gendered slurs.
Please - Do NOT read if affected by any of the above.

Suggested 16+ (Unless affected by TWs above. In which case do not open.)

©Fee Amerie 09/10/20

"See You Tonight"

A poem I wrote that needs no CW/TWs.
In other words, a rarity.

©Fee Amerie 09/10/20

"Sitting on Top of a Tree"

CW: MH, loneliness, rejection.
Suggested 16+

©Fee Amerie 12/08/12


CW: BPD. MH deteriorating. Nightmare imagery. Suggested 16+ only.

©Fee Amerie 04/10/20

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