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.@Porkbun@twitter.com is a Portland Or company helping "Proud Boys" while claiming to be pro-LGBTQ

Their DM's are open

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NEW: LGBTQ teachers in Orange County, Florida are being told to take down photos of their same-sex spouses in their classrooms and not to talk about them to students following the Don’t Say Gay law taking effect. All rainbow articles of clothing are being banned, per @wftv@twitter.com.

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There is only 1 clinic in Polk County that offers abortion services and 4 fake crisis pregnancy centers that will try and prevent people from exercising their right to health care. twitter.com/TBSFlorida/status/

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SCOTUS achieved today what white supremacists tried with termination: “Indian country is part of the State, not separate from the State… as a matter of state sovereignty, a State has jurisdiction over all of its territory, including Indian country.” supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pd

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Dear People of White Springs, , You did nothing to deserve this, but you've now got a hate group located in your town. You should know more about the . Twitter friends, please RT in record numbers in solidarity with this community.

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I have so much respect for the Ecuadorian people that have been fighting the state for 2 weeks now for their basic needs if only we had more of this spirit in the West post any links in the comments to mutual aid or charities etc that can help the people over there

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🚨 This Saturday at 6pm, join us & @TampaBaySDS@twitter.com to continue the fight for abortion rights!🚨

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Let’s hit the pavement tomorrow! No justice, no peace!

Federal Courthouse
100 N Palafox
June 30 7pm

Safety precautions are in place. (Note: this is not a DSA-led event)

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If this is the sort of violence that the police inflict on their own—now imagine what it looks like when they're turned unrestrained on everyday people. twitter.com/KTLA/status/154078

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🚨 Community Alert for Miami! 🚨

Once again antisemitic hate flyers were circulated in North Gables and Little Gables neighborhood. Residents discovered the flyers enclosed in ziplock bags and weighted down with corn kernels Monday morning. 1/2

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Served 110+ meals in Munn Park on Sunday as part of our weekly mutual aid meal shares! We were out with our comrades in @AidLakeland@twitter.com providing meals, drinks, supplies, and services to the people of .

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JUST IN: A team searching the basement of a Mississippi courthouse for evidence about the lynching of Black teenager Emmett Till has found the unserved warrant charging a white woman in his 1955 kidnapping. trib.al/SX8BpfV

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Let’s hit the pavement tomorrow!
No justice, no peace!

Federal Courthouse
100 N Palafox
June 30 7pm

Safety precautions are in place.
(Note: this is not a DSA-led event)

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"Teenage boys circled the demo in a big truck, with an assault rifle held by the driver + the plates removed...Organizers reported it wasn't safe...Shortly after, 2,000 - 2,500 people began to autonomously march through the streets of downtown ..." itsgoingdown.org/thousands-tak

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You know what I've just realized? A lot of people hear "social construct" and think it means "something somebody sat down and made up" rather than "shared complex of human ideas permeating society"

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This clinic is in a black neighborhood — the last remaining black folx of what was once a much larger black community, until eminent domain bulldozed houses to build a hospital and college

This is intergenerational. All actions today will impact countless lives in the future twitter.com/tbsflorida/status/

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