**Battleground Baltimore: Support For Defunding the Police Grows**

" In this week’s roundup of Baltimore news we talk about burgeoning support for defunding the police, tenants’ rights, and co-ops amid Covid-19. "


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**Polish grannies demonstrate for democracy**

"They call themselves the "Polish Grannies," but instead of crocheting, they're demonstrating for a free press, the rule of law, and carrying rainbow flags while they do it. And that hasn't made them a hit with everyone."


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i just... why do people keep falling for "well his heart was in the right place!" "well they were only trying to help!" like fuck, John Harvey Kellogg personally mutilated dozens if not hundreds of children and his books were read by the thousands, and we're still struggling to get out of his puritanical body-hatred a hundred years later, like no you cannot tell me "well he genuinely believed his practices were beneficial to everyone's health!" fuck all that noise and hold people accountable.

**LRA commander Dominic Ongwen faces war crimes sentence**

"ICC judges to sentence ex-child soldier-turned-Lord's Resistance Army commander for litany of war crimes in Uganda."


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In 1886, the anarchists Albert and Lucy Parsons led 80,000 people through Chicago in the first modern May Day Parade: “Eight-hour day with no cut in pay!”

350,000 workers around the US went on strike at 1200 factories—70,000 in Chicago, 45,000 in New York, 32,000 in Cincinnati.

this isnt about slime molds but it is still a very good meme i made once

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