Simple Facts. You know what else is a simple fact? Most revolutions are kicked off by mass hunger and homelessness.

Get organized.

Woody is molting so he's extra snuggly rn 🥺

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Electricity, education, health, water, housing, food, (damn even fucking technology in these times) are mfckn’ human rights: expropriate, steal, occupy, loot, share... it's your natural right to live in peace.

Thinkin' about the Dead Kennedy's Mitt Romney stan tweet lol.

This is why you don't idolize people, bands, musical movements. They may make music you like, they may even express ideas you identify with, but you do not know them intimately enough to base your life around them.

Every time a major event happens in this country, some old head punk celebrity is found taking the shitty side of history. They're not activist anymore, they're middle aged dudes that have lost touch.

Anarchists and abolitionists should not be be pushing for arrests. It does not matter that they are our enemies. We cannot be against cops, prisons, and state violence only when it is convenient.

Consistency aside, expanding the powers of the police state is only going to cause increased violence towards black people, indigenous people, non-white people, and the unhoused in the long run. They will increasingly target antifascist protesters and anarchists as well.

I saw a raven this morning and she croaked at me so like its probably gunna be a good day

us pol, Canada, white supremacy 

Like y'all really forgot about dick heads of odin reciting the 14 words at Edmonton Leg in 2019.
Or about rcmp invading Wet'suwet'en for a pipeline over the last 3 years.
Or about the white supremacist terrorism of Mi'kmaw fisheries literally 3 months ago.
US nazism overlaps, intersects, and influences Canadian nazism.
State borders mean very little to the growth of fascism

Uspol, Canada, white supremacy 

Yeah so like a fair amount of Canadian leftists still maintain the view that Canada is isolated from US events and that it never "gets that bad here" with some false nationalist settler superiority complex and its a dangerous, short-sighted, microsocial view.

Rallies yesterday in support of US capitol events occurred in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Current events, I guess 

They understand that the seat of power comes from culture, that organizing culture = producing media.

Yesterday was a recruiting event.

Alright. That's all I had to say.

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