I made this... PHA is Phila housing authority. They own about 5000 empty abandoned deteriorating houses in Philadelphia and I'm hoping to get more normalized support for ppl squatting..


This psych article about Trump Supporters talks, in part, about “relative deprivation.” As my previous posts pointed out that Trump Supporters are motivated in large part by feelings of powerlessness, this article says financially they are actually doing quite well. But they are not doing as well as they think they deserve. It’s white supremacy in action.


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Nearly 6k retweets on this video that claims what's almost certainly a camp set up to curb the spread of COVID among the homeless is actually a "pop-up ANTIFA headquarters." Naturally, the comments declare that the people in the camp should be harassed, raided, killed, etc. tweets.newsbots.eu/DigMemePray

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Thought of the day: It is not the responsibility of black and brown people to undo whiteness. The duty to abolish whiteness rests in the hands of everyone who has any white privilege, regardless of their actual identity. Racial bypassing is unacceptable in this battle for equality.

Recently came to light that canadian cops were putting GPS trackers on the cars of comrades supporting indigenous liberation. This little device might come in handy from now on

All debates on voting vs not voting strike me as egotistical. I really don’t care if you vote as harm reduction, or if you refuse to vote for political reasons. You do you, but both voting and not voting have gotten us where we are. I am only interested in what we are doing beyond voting.

Nothing says 'Blue Lives Matter' better than Trump supporters, Proud Boys, and militia members attacking the mother of a disabled veteran angry at Trump's comments about veterans. t.co/0HnofJTX6o

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This was the first assault. MAGA maced a mother in her 50's, she was telling them that her son is a disabled veteran and she did not like Trump calling him a loser. Then MAGA broke a kids nose.
(around 2pm) Salem, Oregon

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Far-Right groups part of pro-Trump caravan outside of #Portland tape over their license plates so they can more easily engage in violence against people on the streets. Part of rally that went to #SalemOR. t.co/IaQxqIrjhC

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All the Proud Boy vehicles have tape over their license plates.

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Lake and 17th, Open Growth Space (squatted garden) is facing immediate eviction/removal by the developers.
Please share!

Dear #BidenHarris2020Landslide supporters. If you think the far-Right is just concerned with attacking + murdering anti-racist protesters - think again. Their hope is for Trump to give them the green light to unleash a wave of violence against the broader population. t.co/0yEkIQrGHC

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"Democrats need to be shot dead" and other Q crap demonizing LGBTQ.

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A Demonstrator’s Guide to Helmets


This guide explores a wide range of protective headgear, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each for different situations so you can pick out what's best for you.

The life you save could be your own.

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