I'm still trying to find the person who was selling handmade bookmarks and made a toot about it on here on which I commented.

If it's you or if you know who it is. Please. 👋🏼🥺

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I commented on this person's toot that I was waiting for payday to buy one of their art.
😭 Where are you!!! 😭

Might end up scrolling a lot to find this person back. Thanks everyone who boosted tho. :abunhdhappyhop: ❤️

I found the person I was asking a few days ago on this toot, it's @dogwoodgorge and I let you see her amazing art.

That's these bookmarks I was talking about. 😍

@Defectivetrxgedy no joke at first I was like "handmade bookmarks? for your web-browser? how does that work?"

@pfx @Defectivetrxgedy I've coloured in bookmarks and shown them on here, but don't sell. @welshpixie does the design, maybe it was her?

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