Stop harassing people who crowdfund.

Your obsession with capitalism and individualism rotted your brain and capacity for empathy.

Asking for money is not and never will be shameful.

Policing how people survive and try to enjoy being alive in this rapidly deteriorating dumpster planet is shameful.

@Defectivetrxgedy I’m sure they probably don’t pay for their own servers for stuff, etc. :blobcatdefecit:

@Defectivetrxgedy I already know that some people will be like "but you shouldn't be asking for moneeeey, bad capitalism this wouldn't happen under communism".
Neither of them are good when taken to the extreme, never.

@ashneehs well, we actually live in a capitalist society, unfortunately, and in the meantime, there's situation where it's not possible to do otherwise than with money. And it's sad that some people do not understand. It's not helping anyone.

What you said is absolutely true!

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