CW | Mental health talk 

There's a theory which is called the theory of little spoons translated literally from the French "Théorie des petites cuillères" and it's a theory that says whatever the actions you do in a day when you suffer from mental health issues, one action represents a little spoon and some are bigger than others and you have a limited number of spoons you can use in a day.

And sometime a single spoon can represent the single spoon available in your day.

CW | Mental health talk 

And so, this theory could explain why sometimes as a NeuroD person, I'm easily and fastly fatigued, plus chronique fatigue.

Like, waking up could be the only spoon I have in a day.

And that's totally okay. 🤗

CW | Mental health talk 

@Defectivetrxgedy im assuming this is the same thing as Christine Manderino’s spoon theory? Which is soooo useful in describing any sort of disability and chronic illness!!

CW | Mental health talk 

@exojelly It's this one, yes! I couldn't remember who it was from, thank you for saying! :abunhdhappyhop:

It is, right?! And to be honest, it should be known worldwide, as it's a great tool to advocate for mentally ill folks!

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