1. White people are not oppressed for being white.
2. White people are not victims of systemic racism.
3. You cannot be racist towards white people for being white.

I really don't care to debate this because the people who disagree tend to not want to actually listen.


But, let me clarify something.

Racism is SYSTEMIC. There is no system in the world that exists to oppress white people for being white. You could theoretically say that someone is prejudiced against white people, but prejudice and systemic oppression are not the same. Two completely different things.

@Defectivetrxgedy @JackMeinoff Just read this clarification that did not instantly show in my timeline since everyone responded to the first post.

However: this.


Prejudice and bias against white... yeah, that's a thing, and that's a thing that has been earned over centuries of white folks oppressing, enslaving, and decimating native populations and foreign cultures, and it's VERY earned. That's not racism.

That's dealing with a track record that they keep perpetuating in new formats.

@JulieSqveakaroo @Defectivetrxgedy case in point, Zimbabwe. A country that was initially named after that arch-colonialist also involved in setting up the scam that is the diamond cartel.

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