1. White people are not oppressed for being white.
2. White people are not victims of systemic racism.
3. You cannot be racist towards white people for being white.

I really don't care to debate this because the people who disagree tend to not want to actually listen.

But, let me clarify something.

Racism is SYSTEMIC. There is no system in the world that exists to oppress white people for being white. You could theoretically say that someone is prejudiced against white people, but prejudice and systemic oppression are not the same. Two completely different things.

@Defectivetrxgedy @JackMeinoff Just read this clarification that did not instantly show in my timeline since everyone responded to the first post.

However: this.


Prejudice and bias against white... yeah, that's a thing, and that's a thing that has been earned over centuries of white folks oppressing, enslaving, and decimating native populations and foreign cultures, and it's VERY earned. That's not racism.

That's dealing with a track record that they keep perpetuating in new formats.

@JulieSqveakaroo @Defectivetrxgedy case in point, Zimbabwe. A country that was initially named after that arch-colonialist also involved in setting up the scam that is the diamond cartel.

@JackMeinoff @fluffy Not so long ago, this could have been me. From an outside perspective, you should be able to exchange white/black and it would *have* to still be racism, by definition. Once you start to dig into this, you realize you can only *take* this outside position if you're not affected by it.

@JackMeinoff I mean the statements seem blunt at first, but there's something to it.

@JackMeinoff Read Dr. Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail".

@JackMeinoff I think it all boils down to whether you consider the structurality as the defining feature of racism.

If you do, you can read the third statement as "You cannot be racist towards white people just as you cannot be transphobic towards a heteronormartive person".

It does not mean you cannot be an asshole and it does not suggest that you should.

@JackMeinoff No, it's not okay, categorically.

To refer to the definition you quoted, the pivotal word to me here seems the belief.

You can put it on a scale from "personal belief" to "conviction rooted in society as a whole".

I think people who attribute it to the latter will tend not to put attacks (on white people) under the definition of racism (but rather assholeness).

That'd be my interpretation.

@fluffy @JackMeinoff Lots of people seriously believe this. Racists are always quick to make up excuses for why they're not racist.

@galena @JackMeinoff i guess this stuff is the propaganda du jour of american elites

i figured it was some sort of satire. but if the guy is serious, that’s almost a tragedy. it’s just repeating what nanci pelosi and cnn say, i don’t think those guy even believe it so it’s doubly more tragic that someone bought into it.

You’d only ever believe these things if you had little to no experience outside rich western countries. it’s just american propaganda, if you step outside the reach of their preaching you’ll be shocked how fast exposure to new things make you forget it.

@JackMeinoff @fluffy So OP is basically saying black people have a free right to be racist towards white people

Muted pretty quickly.

@JackMeinoff @fluffy well, if you don't like people calling you something, you shouldn't have to be called it...

@JackMeinoff @fluffy how quickly do you block people? I have a little policy for the fedi:

"I don't want you on my feed, you're not interesting": mute with notifs on
"You're actively offending me": block

I tend not to reach for block too quickly, although I have in some cases...

@JackMeinoff @fluffy honestly guys, I really hate this whole 'white-hate' fad people are starting now. I saw some provocative anti-white bullshit on my feed the other day, which pissed me off. I really don't get why people put this shit on the internet.

@resynth1943 @JackMeinoff @fluffy Instead of hating you should start thinking about why. You don't even need to think for yourself, just read the reasoning behind carefully. Don't let yourself stop by your racism.

@resynth1943 @JackMeinoff i guess it’s more nuanced than that but in practice it’s about the same

@fluffy @resynth1943 @JackMeinoff No, it is not the "same". Try enslaving, maiming, killing, robbing white people for 400+ years. Then it would be about "the same".

@carl @resynth1943 @JackMeinoff yeah, for example turks. the barbary states alone enslaved more whites than the americans did blacks.

Why so hostile? do i look like the sort of person who would go on the internet and tell lies? you don’t need to run into here guns blazing. if something is new, just ask and I’ll be happy to explain. We are all mature adults here.

@fluffy @resynth1943 @JackMeinoff Do you remember "Black Panther"? The character "Killmonger"? Raised in the US of A.

@resynth1943 @JackMeinoff @fluffy LOL, I ain't gonna debate and waste my energy on people who definitely do not want to understand the issue here. 👀 But nice try.

Have a nice day/night or whatever. 🤭

@Defectivetrxgedy @JackMeinoff @fluffy you're just talking bullshit on a social platform then saying 'I'm not going to discuss it!'

Kinda stupid, if you ask me.

@Defectivetrxgedy @resynth1943 @JackMeinoff I don’t think anyone wants to debate you. we were careful to untag. please respect that.

@Defectivetrxgedy @JackMeinoff @fluffy I don't really wish to debate either, but I would've liked an actual explanation for your radical views in the original post, instead of this strange expectation that we have to force it out of you.

My main point is this: these radical views don't really get you anywhere, aside from virtual internet points for other supporters (like a form of supremacy).

I wish you a good night too; also, please stop baiting people on social media.

@resynth1943 @Defectivetrxgedy @JackMeinoff @fluffy Do your homework and educate yourself about racism. There is plenty to read and to look for in the WWW. Don't put that burden as well on Black people's back.

@JackMeinoff Be glad Black people only want justice, not revenge.

@Defectivetrxgedy @JackMeinoff But then again, I cannot speak for all Black people 🙂
Some do want revenge.

@JackMeinoff @Defectivetrxgedy Apparently you did not read the Birmingham Jail Letter. One of the biggest obstacles in changing the racist discrimination of today are whites, who do not want "to stoke flames".
How else can it change? I'd like some historic examples of getting rid of oppression with "not stoking flames".

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