I love all the patterns pigeon's feathers can have. Specially rock pigeons. So many different colors, so many different layers. All of them so lovely on their own by their own personality and beautiful self. 😭

Presenting you from pigeons Across the globe
1. Nicobar Pigeon (from the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar of India)
2. Brown Frillback Pigeon
3. Bronzewing Pigeon (Australia)


@mur2501 just discovered this beauty.

They are called red-bellied fruit-dove and they are from New Caledonia.

If they aren't also beautiful.
I'm still amazing how many colors patterns we can find in the animal kingdom. 😭

©️ Paul Maury.

The red-bellied fruit dove is overall green, but has a purplish-red crown and patch on the central belly. Adults both male and female are very similar, although the belly patch is slightly smaller in the female. Juveniles essentially lack the pinkish-red patch on the belly and crown, leading to potential confusion with the Tanna fruit dove.

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