And let me introduce you Pipi, aka Thierry, Thithi, kiki, the rock pigeon I rescued at the end of September who I live very deeply and with whom I built a strong bond. ❤️

Pigeons are the best. 🕊️❤️

@mur2501 They do poop a lot! That's why I have to clean my flat every day or two. Pigeons diapers exist tho. It's very confy for them, you just need to find the size that feet their weight! 😊

My house has around 7 pigeon nest. One is exactly above the window besides my bed so I get pigeon ASMR noise all night and all day :blobfoxheadphones:

The only problem is that increasing pigeon population easily dominates the other bird species here like Bulbuls, kingfishers, Prinias, White-eyes, Fantails, etc. :sad_cat:

@mur2501 Yes! Pigeons population can be a long term problem. Not only for other species but also for pigeons themselves.
In France, there's more and more cities that are building contraceptive dovecote and it's the most ethical and long term way that actually works. It doesn't hurt pigeons and it gets to control their population for their own safety as well as others species safety.

Our solution:

We have a falcon den in a church tower. They do a good job keeping pigeon population stable

@wauz I don't know what is a Falcon den tho. I'll look it up. 🥺

Falcons love caves in rocks. But buildings are fine to them, too. So they opened a window and made a box behind it, that the falcons use as a nest for raising their chicks.

@Defectivetrxgedy oooooohhh myyyyy. You have a pigeon I am deeply jealous. I adore pigeons, you've got a cutie there

@katydidthese they are a cutie!!! They're going through their puberty tho right now so they are cooing and beaking and attacking a lot hihi 🤭

@Defectivetrxgedy My husband rescued a pigeon, Sophie, who lived with him for seven years, sitting on his desk, eating dinner together, and sleeping in the bed. She was a good girl. 🤗

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