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Making it official :

This is the thread where I'll be posting every pigeon species I know of.

Get ready! 🥺🐦

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Just a reminder that your local feral pigeons flocks, and birds in general, depend on human activity to have food.

Mostly in cities.

Please, leave them some seeds, cereals, grains and vegetables when you go out.

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And let me introduce you Pipi, aka Thierry, Thithi, kiki, the rock pigeon I rescued at the end of September who I live very deeply and with whom I built a strong bond. ❤️

Pigeons are the best. 🕊️❤️

That's all I've been able to gather so far. If you have any more, please, share on this thread. 😊

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The book Black and Deaf in America written by Ernest Hairston and Linwood Smith.

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If you want more ressources you might as well want to check Black Disability collective on Instagram and Twitter.
Not aware of any website so far. Soz for folks who aren't on these platforms anymore. 🥺

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We support looters here!

Not bourgeoisie looters tho! Burn them!


It’s always, “why are they looting!?” and never, “why are right-wingers threatening to murder people protesting against police terror in an effort to preserve the Dollar Tree?”


*me reading toots and trying to figure out what is actually happening in the fedi right now*

Take your bad thoughts, put them in a jar, and toss them into the ocean. You don't need them. :blobfox:​💙​


this is a
- cop
- landlord
- private equity
- celebrity
- military
- america
hate account

join me :)


I don't know if it works the same in other countries but what I'm going to share does work in France :
Some people took vaccin appointments but never came so, basically you can get vaccinated at the end of the day when there are some doses left due to missed appointments. 😊

No transmysoginy accepted here. 🙅🏼‍♀️

re: meta 

@anarchiv @eris i know what you tooted last summer


Straw that breaks Todon's back lol. What a certain toxic clique on here doesn't want to realise is that Todon has been around for ages and will still be around when their pathetic instance with its admin who in the past literally bragged about deleting reports of his users is long forgotten.

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