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Introduction post! 

Introduction post as promised because the last one got lost in my toots. 🥴

So, hey, *shyly waiving hand* my name is Mélissa, I'm 23, soon-to-be 24 and I live in France in the city called Rouen to be more precise.
I speak fluent English, and medium Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
I'm Algerian from my father and Spanish-Gypsy from my mother.

I suffer from severe depression, chronique fatigue, anxiety, I have ADHD and self-diagnosed autistic.


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Making it official :

This is the thread where I'll be posting every pigeon species I know of.

Get ready! 🥺🐦

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Just a reminder that your local feral pigeons flocks, and birds in general, depend on human activity to have food.

Mostly in cities.

Please, leave them some seeds, cereals, grains and vegetables when you go out.

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And let me introduce you Pipi, aka Thierry, Thithi, kiki, the rock pigeon I rescued at the end of September who I live very deeply and with whom I built a strong bond. ❤️

Pigeons are the best. 🕊️❤️

Just need to do my dish and vaccum now. Will probably do later. Or tomorrow. ;-;

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I watched my pidges dishes and put some clean water and seeds. Yey for today.

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hey y’all i am scheduled to have top surgery in april, which means i will need to have my bill paid by the end of march. i am paying out of pocket bc my insurance doesn’t cover it. between savings and donations i am over halfway there but still need help

if you would like to donate or share my gfm i would be forever grateful. i am also open for commissions and such, most of which gets set aside for my surgery. thank you 🖤

Same dishes that has been unwashed for... 2 weeks and a few days. 🙃

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Being stuck in bed instead of washing the dishes and vaccum. 👌🏼

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@Defectivetrxgedy a University in Switzerland has them as well, they are also used at several NHS hospital sites in England (which I didn't know about until today!)

Had my 3rd dose of vaccine almost a week ago and except a little headache I had nothing. Same fo the last 2 doses. 😌

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what's your gender?
- woman
sorry this gender is already taken. try woman3786

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periodic reminder that every time you exclude "men" from support groups, hotlines and non-profits, you are excluding a large portion of people who desperately need help.

such people in need could be people like me who presented and thought they were very cis and very straight for their entire life until everything cracked and my life was absolute chaos

a "no men" policy could also decrease the chance of masc-aligned people in general to interact with such services (see the typical "women and non-binary people")

let's be honest here; most cis men won't seek help anyway, so you attempting to be a bit forthcoming and inclusive with your services hurts absolutely fucking no-one

I can't believe Germany has put at least 4 contraceptive dovecotes in over 80 of its cities and everyday more and more cities and countries take good and ethical steps for pigeons when in France we're still here with pest control. 😒

Some good news:
Giuseppe had pigeons he healed and took care of in his van where he was living and they've been taken care of by people who picked them up.

And someone else feeds the other pigeons Giuseppe was feeding around his van.

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Awesome frosty morning in the woods, and I found some frozen jellies 😊
Took lots of camera pics but here's a few phone pics to be going on with

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It's been such a long time I haven't been here. Life is quite hard lately so I'm having a hard time focusing on too many social medias. But still thinking about fedy folks. ❤️

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