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Posting this now but anyone following me have to expect a lot of pigeons talk and pictures. 👀

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Just a reminder that your local feral pigeons flocks, and birds in general, depend on human activity to have food.

Mostly in cities.

Please, leave them some seeds, cereals, grains and vegetables when you go out.

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And let me introduce you Pipi, aka Thierry, Thithi, kiki, the rock pigeon I rescued at the end of September who I live very deeply and with whom I built a strong bond. ❤️

Pigeons are the best. 🕊️❤️

Some people on here are really creative for shitpost. 👀

mutual aid, mentions of houseless, hunger, and mental health struggle 

A Black trans woman is currently experiencing houselessness and hunger, and she’s struggling with her mental health.

Please donate and boost so she can get what she needs.

Her PayPal:

homelessness, starvation, violence 

5 Black trans girls are facing homelessness, starvation, and violence. Funds are being collected to ensure their safety.

Recommended donations of $20+.

cashapp: $activistrahrah

medical discrimination, anti-Blackness 

My friend Frankie has been experiencing concerning medical issues, primarily with their breathing. They went to a doctor and were told nothing was wrong, despite chest pain, shortness of breath, and hyperventilation.

Their venmo has been temporarily suspended in the middle of all this.

Being turned away at a doctor is just another day as a Black trans person. They’re requesting funds so they can buy food.


I just want the world to know that Pigeons are cool, ok?!

i think my favorite settler rejoinder is "just wait til you get a job and pay bills! then you won't like this socialism stuff!" like holy hell you became LESS class conscious when you joined the working class? lmao @ your life

prison, fascism 

13% of all new cases of COVID in amerikkka between May and July occurred in prison. Sending participants of the capitol putsch in particular (likely the biggest superspreader event of COVID) to prison is tantamount to mass murder of incarcerated people.

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Before I came out to myself I couldnt understand that hating getting my hair cut was a manifestation of gender dysphoria. After experiencing the relief and happiness of finally letting my hair grow did I understand it for myself...

And THEN I learned it's a COMMON transfemme experience.

The more trans people talk about their experiences, the sooner trans kids and adults can find insight into their own experiences that they might otherwise never understand.

"But always we must keep in mind that their brilliance was also derivative. The truer genius was in the midst of the people of whom they wrote. There the struggle was more than words or ideas but life itself."

– C. Robinson, Black Marxism (1983)

"Is there aught we hold in common
With the greedy parasite
Who would lash us into serfdom
And would crush us with his might?
Is there anything left to us
But to organise and fight?
The Union makes us strong!
Solidarity Forever."

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She had earlier written: "Let every dirty, lousy tramp arm himself with a revolver or a knife, and lay in wait on the steps of the palaces of the rich and stab or shoot the owners as they come out. Let us kill them without mercy, and let it be a war of extermination". Who could disagree with that?
IWW songwriter Ralph Chaplin and comrade of Parsons, wrote his famous labour song, "Solidarity Forever" for the march.

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17th January 1915, Anarchist Lucy Parsons organises a hunger march of 15,000 people through Chicago. They unfurled banners that read “Hunger” and “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” but the march had barely started when the cops cracked down with their batons and fired shots over the heads of the protestors. Lucy was arrested for distributing seditious literature and inciting a riot.

Übrigens: Falls jemand in den vergangenen Tagen einen bestimmten Wertgegenstand im Bereich des Uferweges an der Gartenkolonie verloren hat, möge er sich im Polizeirevier in der Rostocker Straße melden. Da liegt das Fundstück nämlich jetzt.

(German text above: A short hint for an unknown person who lost a special objekt of value on the path by the lake: It's in deposit at the local Policestation.)


As the sunny weather did persist over the day, we had a family walk round a smallish lake here.

With some (not too many) people going round either clock- or anticlockwise there was an occasional muttering of "Moin!" and "Hi!" when other people passed and, on the second half of the round, two instances of an automatically muttered greeting, followed by a mutual "Oh yes, we did meet already." and a short laugh.

Want to come along? Here we go: #photos #landscape #winter 1/2

TW | Mention of rape joke!!!! 

You never fucking ever joke about rape.

You. Don't. Joke. About. Rape.

Never. Fucking. Ever.


This separation between the "zone of being" and the "zone of nonbeing" remains in place today through the global economy of extraction, of intensive monocultures and ecocides, leading to spatial injustices: We exploit both the land and the people for the sake of consumerism and pleasure somewhere far away."

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"Marked by a "double fracture, colonial and environmental," the modern era created a "colonial way of living" and an "Earth without people," says Malcom Ferdinand. On one side, there is a dominant population, that of the West. On the other, there are dominated populations, considered to be too numerous and exploitable.


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To give you an idea, it was about the author of the book "I hate men".

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