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Introduction post! 

Introduction post as promised because the last one got lost in my toots. 🥴

So, hey, *shyly waiving hand* my name is Mélissa, I'm 23, soon-to-be 24 and I live in France in the city called Rouen to be more precise.
I speak fluent English, and medium Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
I'm Algerian from my father and Spanish-Gypsy from my mother.

I suffer from severe depression, chronique fatigue, anxiety, I have ADHD and self-diagnosed autistic.


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Making it official :

This is the thread where I'll be posting every pigeon species I know of.

Get ready! 🥺🐦

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Just a reminder that your local feral pigeons flocks, and birds in general, depend on human activity to have food.

Mostly in cities.

Please, leave them some seeds, cereals, grains and vegetables when you go out.

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And let me introduce you Pipi, aka Thierry, Thithi, kiki, the rock pigeon I rescued at the end of September who I live very deeply and with whom I built a strong bond. ❤️

Pigeons are the best. 🕊️❤️

TW | Grief, Death of an animal 

I had to bring Puff Ball to the vet for emergency as she struggled breathing this morning and it only got worse before we left so she had to be put down due to her condition...

I love you Puff Ball.
Thank you for trusting me.

I'm throwing this out here but there's a lady in New York who is saving pigeons daily. And I'm not even weighting my words. I don't know how many she saves a year but that's A LOT.

Her instagram is the followed link :

She currently needs help to fund her rescues, with vet bills and stuff.
She has a venmo and a paypal.
Both are allmyrescuedbirds and

She is actually caring for 50 pigeons everyday + her full time job.

Vitamins reference for Boulette's daily dose.
These are for twisted neck and this kind of stuff due to PMV. It's easing her a lot everyday! 😍

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And the 2 PMV babies I brought to a sanctuary two weeks ago are getting better and it couldn't make me happier! They're going to be such happy and healthy pigeons 😭🥰

I'm basically weighting her everyday and writing down her weight to follow her health recovery.

Regis is also underweight so I might end up doing the same! 🙏🏼

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I almost lost hope for Boulette to take weight because in the first days she really wasn't gaining weight at all.
But now that's better! 🙏🏼

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Boulette had her vet visit last week and everything is going to be okay for her.
I just need to keep her away from the 2 other pigeons for 5 weeks, until PMV isn't contagious anymore.

She was 180g when she arrived. She's now 229g!

A healthy pigeon her age should be around 280/300g...

And soon, Regis vet visit! 🙏🏼

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So, this is baby Regis, a new baby, again and a photo of Boulette, my PMV baby who's getting better and better. ❤️

Regis was with the flock when I saw him all hurt and scalped.
He has been bullier by other pigeons and was bleeding all over his body when I took him in.
Now it's getting better and it's already started to heal, his back, under his wings, on his neck, his head, around his eyes.

And he's another PMV baby I rescued just a few minutes ago...

Worst case than the two others so I'll have to be really careful.
Might send him to the same sanctuary but I don't know yet. But for now. Lots of rest.

This poor baby is infested with feather lices. 😢

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Kiki hasn't been home since 3 days today and I'm so scared something happened to him but I remain hopeful and hope he'll come back soon. 😭

I kept calling him and searching for him outside but no traces of him. 😭

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Hey fedi,

SO MANY things happened lately!

I'm working full time + taking care of pidges alone and it's kinda hard 😭

I recently rescued 2 babies who have paramyxovirosis.
They went to a sanctuary to rest and heal with lots of calm.

I got news from them everyday and they're doing really good!

I literally bought 100kg (220lbs) of seeds for the pipis this month. Yes.

During this heatwave please help out your local critters by providing water. ❤️

you know what the best anti-homeless architecture is? a fucking home

Anyway, I feel like it's been too long that I reminded you all that pigeons are beautiful. 🤫

TW | Pigeon EC / mention of a dead animal 

He recently did a start of Candidosis/Tricomoniasis that we've been able to treat really quickly.

We thought it could've been the dead pigeon we found near my window who had white-ish fung-ish matter in the mouth and couldn't infected Pipi and other pidges of the flock.

Otherwise, all the flock is healthy and thriving. ❤️

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TW | Pigeon EC 

And here's the latest photo of Pipi I took!

He gained so much muscles and weight and the vet said he was a perfectly healthy pidge. ❤️

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