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My name is Uilleam Mac, I live in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland. I like to promote the usage of minoritiesed languages to build a regional 'identity' to combat the effects of Imperialism, Colonialism and Nationalism among others

Would like to see the abolition of the State & Capitalist class for a fairer society with no exploitation of animals or people

Not sure what my posts will be, but will include the occasional Anarchist pamphlet or article I have translated

Its so weird how people think Landlords are an essential part of life, they'll list problems caused or helped by LL as a justification for their existence.

Nothing more annoying than ordering a book (at a bargin price) just to get it cancelled as its 'not in stock', then see it listed again at a much higher price. Went from £8 to £60, absolutely wild.

Started a BA last week atudying part time, it was a late entry to the course. Was three weeks behind then, now 4. I still gotta sort out my funding and actually start to catch up on the work. Just cant seem to start anything, my brain hates me rn

Perks of streaming stuff is I dont have to hear or see much about the queen on radio,tv,newspapers etc. This is going to be a long X days/weeks/months until its back to 'normal'.

Looks like the moratorium on fracking is getting removed in the UK, but only the communities that want fracking will get it. Not sure how they'll judge that one since it has little support to begin with.

Anyway [redacted] the machines, [redacted] the sites. Fuck fracking.

Today after work i managed to head gym then write a letter when i got home. First time ive felt productive in a while.

In your opinion how important is reading Anarchist theory for being an Anarchist?

My view is its an optional extra, it can be useful to help understand or explain things but not required to be an Anarchist. The actions you take are more important than the lit you read.

Though reading is good, read when you can and stay hydrated.

Installed MX as antiX just didnt work that well from USB with no touchpad recognition so didnt look promising after install.

Now its time to set up all the apps etc i use.

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To celebrate i might attempt some translation stuff again. IWW Preamble anns a' Gàidhlig? 'S docha.

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Ive been told my new laptop arrived after my last one shit itself and stopped working. Got antiX linux on a USB ready to go and MX linux just incase as well.

No W*ndows on my devices.

The other day in work politics came up, some folk found out I was an Anarchist. I got asked if that meant I was a Neo-Nazi or a Putin supporter.

Currently reading through my current book, but i was wondering if anyone has any recomendations out of these books to read next.

Sometimes its hard not to take the bait when its something you hold dearly.

Another day of my language getting beaten down by Monoglots.

Trì leabhrichean ùr an-diugh bho am buth Little black cart agus cuir aid iris-leabhar ann cuideachd. Tha mo cèis-leabhraichean cus beag a-nis.

Three new books today from the Little Black Cart with a free journal as well. My bookcase is getting too small

Laptop completely died, now looking at Chromebooks as they fit what i need fairly well but would rather it be deGoogled.

Cant seem to find any OS to use. Found Gallium OS but it looks like its discontinued and Chromium OS looks like a lot of work without (m)any guides dedicated to turning Chrome OS to Chromium.

Looking to head back to the gym soon, but no idea what to train/do now as its been many years since i last went. I still have an old workout saved but no idea if its any good.

Any folk able to help with tips or good sites to look at? Mainly looking for general strength and conditioning stuff.

One week until its time to join the picket line, gonna be a great day

Havent posted in a while, but got some new books to put in with my other books i like to think i'll read one day.

Union reps in my work are shit and pretty much all work in positions of power. They dont get out there to get members or do anything to show workers rights or training courses etc

So guess who signed up to become one and change all that.

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