Tips And Info-Sharing Practices! A Thread!

Various folks have been asking us for a while if we would make a publicly viewable version of some of the basic suggestions we've offered community members and allies about what constitutes a useful tip, how we decide to share info, etc.

Part 1! What makes a useful tip or "spotted" post? Concrete physical and descriptive details of *both* the individuals in question *and* their behavior, the time, and the place. No suspected affiliation (i.e. "they look like Proud Boys,") is ever more useful than actual details.

Physical details include: clothing, height, approximate age, hair and skin color, tattoos, etc. Behavior details (and/or group details) are things like, "Were they with a group?," "Were they threatening ppl?," and any other actions that brought them to your attention initially.

Remembering things is hard! And unless you're really experienced at it, grabbing details from a brief snippet of stressful memory is extra hard. When trying to recall, it helps to find a friend and have them lead you through a series of "X or Y" type questions. Write it all down.

Start from the top if it helps: "Hat or no hat?" "Long hair or short?" "Glasses or no glasses?" and make your way through physical appearance. Let yourself be less than perfect--just focus on getting a real good handle on the couple details that really drew your attention.

With cars, if you are not a car person, do not let a car person try and talk you through what kind of car it might have been. You will end up very annoyed. Just do the same as above for recalling details about people: "Truck, SUV, sedan...?"; "Older or newer?"

License plate numbers are great for distinguishing one car from other very similar looking other cars. We are not cops, your average antifascist cannot instantly find out who owns or was driving a car based on the plate number.


They can be found with the right tools and contacts

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