Right wing violence, USPol, racism 

This is what’s happening in my city. I personally scraped off flyers with Gabe’s home address on it, with it calling him a “child predator” and “violent antifa.”

The flyers were pasted on a block where, years prior, white supremacists broke into and robbed 2 black business, leaving swastikas and N-words scrawled over their walls. This remains unsolved by police.

This isn’t just a culture or ideology war. It exists in physical spaces.

Founded by anarchists + wobblies over 15 years ago, Seattle Solidarity Network continues to fight and make bosses + landlords take L's. Here's a report on a recent campaign which won back unpaid wages for one worker. itsgoingdown.org/seattle-solid

Also could do without friends and S/Os diagnosing me at a distance and prescribing the things that would make me feel better, as though I’m not the one with decades experience managing it. I’ve been told I’m stubborn as though I hadn’t tried these suggestions, mainly CBT, repeatedly, for the better part of a decade, before realizing it’s not just a bad therapist or two. Been hospitalised, been on three different ssris, an snri and whatever Wellbutrin and Remeron are. It’s not lack of trying.

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What if it’s not “depression tricking me” but things are actually bad rn? Pretty tired of that whole your depression is a trick line of reasoning from psychs. Actually I’m poor, I commute 2hrs a day, I have extensive childhood trauma aaaaand the world is literally falling apart. I’m not grateful just cause other people have it worse, that’s actually distressing to me.

Also, New Orleans is ground zero for the racial disparity in climate impact. In some of the poorer, and of course lower lying areas, water comes to the top of storm drains at high tide on a clear day. Louisiana is losing 15 feet of coast a year and much of that is land people live on.

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Congress has largely given up on COVID-19 as a funding priority, says public health expert Steven Thrasher (@thrasherxy@twitter.com), leaving uninsured people in the U.S. without resources to combat the virus.

"We've just left those people for dead."

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Remember when the fight for $15/hr was because you could still kind of afford an apartment on that. Lol. That was long ago.

The only good reason to call the cops:

"She doesn't call to ask for any police services. She calls to harass, to cuss and just degrade the call takers"


People: anxiety is caused by an inability move emotions out. This is a safe space and you are free to express your emotions.

Me: I’m sad

People: Not like that!

people saying "i support capitalism because i don't think the government should be able to interfere in private affairs" will always be fucking hilarious to me. bitch i would like to see you try doing capitalism without the police.

Haiti's capital was completely paralyzed today by massive protests demanding the US puppet regime of Ariel Henry step down & the International Community end their interference. nitter.kavin.rocks/HaitiInfoPr

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