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Meet local Nazis Ben Baker and Bartholomew Degeneffe who are both employed at the Philomath Boulevard Safeway


Meet local Nazis Ben Baker and Bartholomew Degeneffe who are both employed at the Philomath Boulevard Safeway

Antifascists have been compiling IDs of those who attended the attempted coup in DC on Jan 6. IDs are viewable here
You can submit IDs anonymously here


Recently, local allies found and destroyed Patriot Front stickers on Monroe and OSU's campus.

If you see these around town, please remove them and contact us!

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Antifascist Daryle Lamont Jenkins
( One Peoples Project & IdaVox ) speaks about the #MillionMAGAMarch, the far right & importance of showing up to #antiracist #DefendDC Dec 11 & 12. Plus, Sean Swain talks about his silencing, & #BADNews segments from @radiofragmata (Greece) & Črna Luknja (Slovenia)!

Last night, a PoC-owned restaurant in Salem was vandalized by fash.

The person caught on security cameras bears striking resemblance to known fascist Eric Oelkers, who has previously stalked and threatened people associated with the business.

More info available on twitter:

The good folks over at @WANaziWatch just exposed this cringey edm Nazi from Bellingham.

Lots of action items in this article:

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Check on your comrades 🖤, community self care and welfare ❤

The cops have enabled a constant wave of fascist violence in the city. This recent documentary chronicles the extreme bias with which Salem police enforce the law.

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WV Hatewatch is calling for people to stand with them against the hate groups that have been attacking people in Salem.

Please Share!

Friday 12/4 5pm @ The Capitol

Hello Texas friends, we want to let you know about Doghead Division(formerly "Cult of the Doghead"), a fascist group actively trying to radicalize members of the police and the military.

What would you do if we exposed a neo-Nazi cult that's actively recruiting cops and members of the military...? 😳 😶 😳

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Since the community library at George Floyd Square has moved into the new book shed, there is so much more ROOM for radical reading activities! Share and contribute to keep the library stocked for whoever needs it!

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This morning, a coordinated white supremacist banner drop occurred across the country. It was organized by telegram Nazi Christopher Pohlhaus aka "The Hammer".

We are asking for help deplatforming him. Please check out our twitter thread for more details.

Here's an important dox that isn't getting enough attention!

Meet Cameron Ivan Briones from Detroit, the guy behind SALID, an overtly fascist punk zine!

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The authors behind our #ThisWeekInFascism column are launching a Patreon to help support their work! Help them get to their goal to not only continue their coverage - but also launch a podcast! Support grassroots antifascist reporting in this crucial time.


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The FBI is setting an example that you can get away with throwing bombs at people and that isn't good for anyone.


3 months later... crickets.


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