Nathan David Brenner: Patriot Front Network 3 Director (Louisville, CO)
Nathan David Brenner (26) of Highlands Ranch, Colorado is the leader of the Colorado & southern Wyoming chapter of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. Nathan Brenner was arrested trying to disrupt a Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Pride event and has engaged in regular Patriot Front organizing, including vandalizing a mural in Denver, Colorado

We have updated our GDL Exposed blog with Bay_161's research on Robert Frank Wilson aka Aryan Bacon of Chula Vista, CA. Robert Wilson is a regular on the nazi group's Hate Bus tours and is the owner of California Audio Video.

Colorado Springs Police attempted to manufacture a firearms trafficking conspiracy by encouraging leftists to make illegal firearms purchases.

We have published statements on our site from two people CSPD Officer April Rogers tried to entrap.

Pitch in what you can and spread the word.


Dealing with M.H., chronic pain, increased expenses in rent, food, meds, & an awful transphobic & homophobic incident in DC recently that really affected me. Trying to raise $2500 by May 5th as FCRC-MM & I both transition to keep pushing forward. I appreciate shares & solidarity!


What is the connection between white nationalist and Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans spokesman Martin O'Toole (left pic), and the neo-Nazi on the right (Gary Lauck of "NSDAP/AO")?

Read our latest article to find out!

Brighton Proud Boy Antonio “Tony” Balderas aka Enki (CO)
Antonio "Tony" Roman Balderas aka "Enki" (25) is the vetting officer for the Colorado chapter of the Proud Boys, a fascist street gang that was involved in the 2017 Unite The Right Nazi rally and the 2021 United States Coup Attempt. Antonio was arrested on March 9th for allegedly shooting at someone asking for assistance on the side o

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Aurora Proud Boy William Marean

William Vincent Marean (41) lives in Aurora, Colorado, works as a Quality Assurance Technician for Safeway and is a member of the fascist street gang the Proud Boys. William has mobilized with a number of openly white supremacist organizations and individuals such Defend Denver and the Goyim Defense League and has shared antisemitic and white supremacist propaganda on his social media accounts.

#OtD 10 Apr 1969 Indonesian worker activist and martyr Marsinah was born. In 1993, working in a watch factory, she helped organise a strike for the minimum wage. They won, but she was kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered, probably by the military regime of Suharto

We stand against abusers in our community.

We are in solidarity with those harmed by AntiFash Gordon.

We firmly stand in support of this statement of separation.

White Supremacist U.S. Diplomat Fritz Berggren of Colorado Springs
Earlier this week, Politico outed U.S. diplomat Fritz Berggren as the author of a virulently antisemitic Christian nationalist blog called Blood and Faith. Berggren's hatred is not limited to Jewish people; he also uses his blog to rail against POCs, Marxists, Antifa and BLM, the ADL and the SPLC, progressi

We talked with Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center about the changing face of State repression and the push by the Center for a new 'War on Terror' in the wake of the far-Right attempted coup in DC.

:antifa: COMMUNITY ALERT :antifa:

Thomas Andrew Ramsey is a Trump supporter from Louisville, CO who attended the January 6th Capitol siege in Washington D.C. Ramsey is a registered Republican and owner of WestMark Design & Construction, a home-building company that received $23,770 in Federal Paycheck Protection loan aid in 2020.

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Meet local Nazis Ben Baker and Bartholomew Degeneffe who are both employed at the Philomath Boulevard Safeway

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Say hello to Denver-area fascist, Brown's Greenhouse employee, and January 6 Capitol Siege attendee Samantha Janeye Humphries aka Mikayla Tȟóksape!

CW: Anti-semitism, Nazi imagery, transphobia, homophobia

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