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This is the basis of my ideology. It's an excerpt from the book "the best money can't buy" by Jacque Fresco. Basically FALSC + plans for infrastucture.

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To all who are starting up or operating in a cooperative community/commune and looking for guides on how to do things like cooking, electronics, medicine, DIY, coordinating between other autonomous communites and more, HMU in a PM.

It would be my pleasure to help those laying the foundation for a better tomorrow.

They say in North Korea, if a family member does something illegal then the whole family will be arrested. That is BS, right?

Now some Iranians did some stuff U.S. didn't like and the Iranian nationality is sanctioned. How about that?

Please share!

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has called for a Special Legislative Session on prisons, beginning IN 3 DAYS, during which the legislature will consider a $1.2 billion plan to build two new 4,000 bed prisons.

Please click through and use the letter writing tool available on Action Network's site to contact your state legislators in Montgomery. If you don't live in Alabama, please signal boost and/or forward this to someone who does live in Alabama. Thank you.

Read more and help out by writing a letter here:

My bit of direct action today: taking one of these off of the home depot cart corral. Don't worry, I had a box cutter.

@goldcarrot I looked it up. It's just restaurants being reactionary. Next time I see this shit, I'm sitting at the table. Anyone trying to forcibly remove me will become a wounded warrior.

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September 11, human rights abuses 

A day of remembrance, of the coup in Chile by the brutal dictator pinochet in 1973. Supported by the CIA/USA. Resulting in 17 horrible years of oppression.

#chile #humanrights #usa

which like maybe it does fall afoul of the no politics rule, in some sense. in a sense that it talks about the world & power shaping it. in a sense that it shows the no power rule is a great aegis to protect authority, in all manners. no politics rules feel illegetmate; while i appreciate the desire to prevent hogwash clashes from litterring every topic, there's too much that must be talked about that is deeply political.

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Take a moment today to remember the lives lost durring the pinochet regieme and the war of terror against the wana region, unless you think about it everyday. In that case please think about something else, you deserve peace.

Anyway happy "death to America" day, everyone!

Uprising, guns, injustice system (good news tho) 

Hello from Minneapolis where a man was just acquitted for shooting back at police in self defense during the George Floyd uprising!

Insightful article with graphic details of police violence and anti-black hate. It also sort of goes out of its way (so did a previous headline) to cheer on the body cameras which helped in the exoneration, but which send so many others to cages. Abolition is the only answer.

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