Stop talking about doing crimes on Fedi (even shoplifting).

What, you don't think there's cops here 🤦? Of course there are cops here. Cops don't have to tell you they're cops. Fucks sake.

Shows just how little people actually know about how the police work.

@Elizafox at this point I feel this is just how people around here like to have fun

@xerz I somehow don't think bragging about shoplifting is a great way to stay out of jail though.

shoplifting meta, violence adjacent, pro community is anti cop 

@Elizafox @xerz it's definitely a great way to make the noise greater than the signal tho, if you've made sure your admin is okay with it.
(Because cops are gonna knock on your admin's door first, and that person can either give you a heads up because they knew it could happen, or they could decide to comply instead of resist with knowledge that consequences are part of the struggle.)

Why would theft be a jailable offense?

What are you trying to prevent here?
Where's the "punch up" line?

...they cannot jail us all, the kids are gonna fuck aboot and find oot, and root cause analysis says that people steal shit because of reasons that are easier to fix WITHOUT enforcement mentalities... why not encourage people to brag, make up shit, and swap stories? It's not like they couldn't find a reason to end any one of us for simply offending the wrong (powerful) person, so why try to make people act like their behavior is a reason for the oppression?

idk. I worry about this too. I just think I see it a bit differently than you. Cops fucked me up, too. I keep resisting.


shoplifting meta, violence adjacent, pro community is anti cop 

@Elizafox @xerz @jakimfett so basically: don’t be detailed, and don’t talk about anything recent or of large value.

And occasionally make shit up completely.

Also be aware of racial disparities, it’s a lot easier for a bunch of white people (or assumed to be white as default) to talk about stealing shit and not have the police visit.

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