I just woke up and the curb cut post I did has so many boosts. Holy shit.

Another example, this time for something that helps me.

on video are usually thought of as being for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, but they’re also super useful if you have audio processing difficulties, like myself. I don’t _need_ them, but they’re nice to have when they’re available. (This is common in autistic folks like myself, I’m told)

@Byte Also anyone with crap speakers, or thin walls, or who wants to watch a thing late at night without disturbing others

@Byte Us aspies love captions. I hate the TV being too loud, it's very triggering for me.

@bradysflungtablet I wouldn’t call myself an aspie because the dude “aspergers” was named after was a eugenicist Nazi “doctor”

@Byte I didn't know that. Well, I won't be self identifying under that label anymore.

@bradysflungtablet yeah. Plus aspergers itself isn’t a diagnosis anymore, it’s just part of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Not ASD person myself as far as I know, but I do find myself using subtitles a lot, so boosting for added visibility!

@Byte They're also nice if you want or need to watch videos at low volume or on mute (public space, kids are in bed, …)

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