Lol thanks to my comrade Ash J for this one! Philly fuck’n with 12 😂

People see what they want to see and what people want to see never has anything to do with the truth. — Roberto Bolaño

The most pernicious, hateful ideologies were actually born of some sort of fear and hate. They manifest in violence and terror.

Ojare N Lutalo was paroled earlier this year. He is a former member of the Black Liberation Army and became an anarchist in prison after meeting Kuwasi Balagoon (R.I.P.)

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People aren’t going to commit themselves to a life and death struggle just because of grand ideas someone might have floating around in their heads. I feel people will commit themselves to a struggle if they can see progress being made similar to the progress of anarchist collectives in Spain during the era of the fascist Bahamonde…” 🏴❤️🖤✊🏽

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fascist acts of state-sponsored terrorism… will be responded to militarily. In 1975 I became disillusioned with Marxism and became an anarchist (thanks to Kuwasi Balagoon) due to the inactiveness and ineffectiveness of Marxism in our communities along with repressive bureaucracy that comes with Marxism.

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From the inception of all revolutions, I feel that the people need armed combat units to check state sponsored acts of terrorism by the government’s security forces. In addition, I feel that these armed combat units are necessary to show the people that…

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“I was… influenced and highly motivated by the Black Liberation Army (B.L.A.) here in Amerika. These sisters and brothers were New Afrikans just like me from the streets of the ghettos who took the initiative militarily, to start assassinating members of the state’s security forces who were murdering black people in our communities.

My poetry, my artwork.

Alt text:
I’ve grown older and lost real friends

Got new ppl but that’s where it ends

Their loyalty “depends”

I do a timeline cleanse

Still not enough

Everyday is rough

Instead of being there for me

They call me when times are tough

Real comrades don’t exist anymore

This blunt’s all I got for me so I puff

Or those who revise history to absolve their ideology of any wrong doing.

Trying to get it together…I hate when depression hits. I need stop it, and need to find a better way to deal with it.

If global warming reaches up to 1.5 degrees, the hottest of the hot temperatures will increase and many *more* places will get dangerously hot. It’s not like it’s going up only a degree and a half, it means severe increases in heat. Also, extreme weather patterns that have probably not been seen before. Idk if 20 years is set in stone, it may come a little sooner or a little later (depending.) But it’s gonna hit, no question.

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