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Remember: in the end:
nobody wins unless everybody wins

Pedos in Washington and easy access to young girls online now.

“You think Big Brother is watching you on the subway? You’re absolutely right.”
-New York governor Kathy Hochul, quoted in the New York Times about the introduction of surveillance cameras into subway cars

There's always an excuse to expand surveillance. But the state being stronger will not necessarily make us safer.

We are inspired by those who resist.

TPUSA is going to explain (you ready for this?) what *really* started the riots in 2020

This fool thinks they hate him for everything he cannot control, and not for something he decided he wanted to be and can control?

Complete blackout in Puerto Rico, 1.5 million without electricity…

Haiti's capital was completely paralyzed today by massive protests demanding the US puppet regime of Ariel Henry step down & the International Community end their interference.

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