Enough is Enough: **Duterte is not incompetent: Power in Pandemiya [Philippines]**

"A certain narrative suggests that Rodrigo Duterte, the sitting president of the Philippines, is incompetent in addressing the covid-19 pandemic."


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#OtD 1 Aug 1910 photojournalist and anti-fascist Gerda Taro was born in Stuttgart, Germany. She was active in the anti-Nazi underground in Germany and later supported the Spanish Republic during the civil war where she was killed in a tragic accident. shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

Anarchist Communist Group: **NEW PODCAST: Rising Cases and Lifting Restrictions**

"The latest ACG At the Cafe podcast is now out! As cases rise and restrictions are lifted, we discuss the current situation focusing …"


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In order for "reconciliation" to be possible first you have to stop the active harm, and kkklanada hasn't even come close. As long as there are native folks still fighting for survival, reserves without clean water, corporations putting oil pipelines through unceded land, fuck this "truth and reconciliation" nonsense.

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