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Suicide/depression/self harm 

I’m a virus, like SARS

The clouds hide the stars

The moon can’t be seen

The cries can’t be heard

The walls hide the screams

Depression hurts

More than physical pain

It always lurks

Getting harder to stay sane

Why should anyone care?

Their day is full of sun

Mine always rain

One day, I won’t problem

Pill or a revolver

I’ll find a way to solve em

And go away, I was a mistake

My only regret?

I did it too late

📚 🧠

Never let someone tell you what’s gangsta, if they don’t understand reading and knowledge is the most gangsta thing you can do!

This is a stupid poem I made and hope I don’t see another fucking day. It’s the worst when you get built up for hope and then you find out nothing is what it seems.

Stop letting White people gatekeep social advancement.

Fuck their comfort, fuck their sex, fuck their gender.

Destroy their pissant culture of consumption, and oppression.

Who’s in the mood for some old skool breakdance and break beats? If you ya go.

I breathe

I struggle

I live

But I will die

The pain

I wonder

Is it me

I misunderstand and always fuck things up.

I always do this and then I get stuck

I’m tired of making mistakes, ppl probably laugh

Or talk shit behind my back

Time to get the strap

Kill my

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One fucking day imma put a bullet in my brain

It’s better than feeling this pain and going insane

One day I’ll be dead and everything will be better

Because this fucking world ain’t getting no better

It keeps raining on me and I can’t change the weather

If I’m missed I’m missed if I’m not the same

I just got no more time for this fucking game

I fought for a lot of years, thru blood sweat and tears

Thru the mental illness and all my fears.
It’s a’s enough.

Lol this isn’t my video, but Tom and Jerry ain’t the same unless it’s real old skool Tom and Jerry. I wouldn’t go see that fake movie I don’t care how much they pay me.

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