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Suicide/depression/self harm 

I’m a virus, like SARS

The clouds hide the stars

The moon can’t be seen

The cries can’t be heard

The walls hide the screams

Depression hurts

More than physical pain

It always lurks

Getting harder to stay sane

Why should anyone care?

Their day is full of sun

Mine always rain

One day, I won’t problem

Pill or a revolver

I’ll find a way to solve em

And go away, I was a mistake

My only regret?

I did it too late

In order for "reconciliation" to be possible first you have to stop the active harm, and kkklanada hasn't even come close. As long as there are native folks still fighting for survival, reserves without clean water, corporations putting oil pipelines through unceded land, fuck this "truth and reconciliation" nonsense.

The discovery of mass graves filled with Indigenous children comes as Canada is set to celebrate 'Canada Day,' and is causing some cities to literally cancel their celebrations.


Under the so-called Indian Act in Canada, Indigenous children were forced into Christian run boarding schools for the purpose of assimilating them into white, settler society. These schools operated up until the late 1990s. Children were systematically abused on a mass scale.


Another church went up in flames in so-called Canada this morning, latest in a string of suspected arsons that began after remains of over 750 children were found in mass graves outside residential schools. Check latest column from @CdnTireFire for info.


**'Ridiculous': Amazon Derided for Calling on Lina Khan to Recuse From Antitrust Probes**

""Amazon's bogus motion is—at least in part—meant to deter people who might enter public service from making public statements criticizing unrepentant monopolists. Do not be deterred.""

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Don’t forget that there were awful authoritarian ideologies before fascism, and continue to be awful authoritarian ideologies that aren’t fascist. It does us no good to exceptionalize fascism as the end-all-be-all of oppressive political systems.

The same can be said for capitalism, merely the latest in 10,000 years of unsustainable and oppressive economic systems.

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The heat prediction for today got jacked up to 98° F, I expect we will hit 100° F, it has been around 3 to 5° higher than predicted. Couple that with the depression from reading news about climate change, Palestine and Police destroying water stations for the homeless in Portland during record heat yesterday and now I see no point in getting out of bed today, or any day really. We are all going to die from the climate, police state, or war, might as well get it over with.

Old skool house music mix I made for anyone who digs that kinda stuff.

Just so you know…and please, I don’t need everyone to know my business so, I appreciate no one that follows me on bird site to talk about any of these.

The point I’m getting at is, a lot of what social media does to some people kinda makes them take that same game outside, and OGs…we don’t play that. I’m saying, just be real online, don’t be something your not. I try to do that and sometimes I try to be intellectual and I’m actually pretty stupid. I won’t do that no more, I gotta play my position and not try to be something I’m not.

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I am an OG street thug. At least that’s how I grew up. I learned G code early, I went to the streets cuz I couldn’t be in the apartment no more and wanted to escape. Code wasn’t a law written, but they were code for how you lived if you had to be accountable for yourself and your people. A lot of that doesn’t apply anymore. People who are supposed to be about that life, are shooting and hitting kids, disrespecting the elderly, respecting snitches…

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