Finally made it onto mastadon! No surprise here, but it probably won't be long before our instagram is removed. We've had about 20 posts removed in the past 6 months for violating one rule or another. Looking forward to saying ACAB without it being taken down for 'bullying'. Please enjoy the last video we posted that got taken down (twice).

@BlackPowderPress Recently left Instagram as well. There's a bit of a learning curve here but not bad. Hoping you can encourage a few to follow you here.

@BlackPowderPress Good Choice! We never had a post removed and they still deleted our account out of the blue

@BlackPowderPress welcome!
many users make an / post, which allows users to meet each other. Mastodon is only searchable by username and hashtags, not regular text. I'm glad you're here!

@BlackPowderPress You might want to check out for the pure video-sharing version of this site and for picture/video sharing hosted by allies. You can also follow people on those sites, here, by searching for their in the search box 😉

@BlackPowderPress NEVER stop what you’re doing! Thanks for turning me into this server!

@BlackPowderPress heh, this video is exactly why we set this up. Big hugs, smiles and welcome! :anarchistflagblack: :molotov: :acab:

@BlackPowderPress Aww, hell, was there supposed to be more of that? Looks like it was cut off.

Man, that was fun. Good to see that good old 'riot porn' cinematic aesthetic is still alive out there, as one who shot at the IMF, World Bank, Key Bridge, and Lafayette Square. #DC #IMC #Indymedia

@BlackPowderPress I was suspended on Christmas Eve for "Onionizing" a headline; I've appealed on general principle, but at this point my Fucks Given Meter is nudging zero.

At that point, I'd been on Twitter nearly a decade, and the last couple of years had been a massive pain in the ass.

I've been here since the first big Twitter Left Purge in the early spring of '18. Way better signal:noise. Quality, not quantity. Welcome aboard!

@BlackPowderPress I made an account because of y'all and am enjoying it thoroughly so far. Thanks!

@BlackPowderPress It brings tears to my eyes... tears of joy of course 🤣

@BlackPowderPress glad you made it. i came here from IG, hoping to be a part of the shift away from the Zuccening.

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