The FBI is visiting leftists/anarchists across the country, claiming they're trying to 'help prevent violence' and their targets 'aren't in trouble.'

*Never talk to the feds or cops. Ever.*

Nothing you say will help you or your comrades. Don't even talk to them about your enemies. They'll know you're a rat who is willing to talk and they'll come back to you for more, as often as they want.

Fuck the feds. Fuck state repression. Fuck the state.

Let's make a thread of texts to radicalize the anarcho-curious in our lives. Please reply to this post with books, zines, articles, or videos. Bonus points for direct links and texts with accessible language.

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I’ve spent decades watching statist leftists whine about being criticized by anarchists. This is criticism rooted in more than a century of being imprisoned/shot/stabbed in the back by statist leftists. Now, in the last 48 hours I’ve watched countless statist leftists show themselves to be more than willing to use the cops/FBI against their enemies, despite ACABinProfileName, showing that anarchists have been right to criticize all along. Reading list if you’re interested:

My Disillusionment in Russia by Emma Goldman:

The Bolshevik Myth by Alexander Berkman:

The Unknown Revolution by Voline:

Bloodstained: One Hundred Years Of Leninist Counterrevolution:

The Russian Counterrevolution by @CrimethInc :

Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell:

Kronstadt 1921 by Paul Avrich:

@BlackPowderPress as a Kurdish person I know just too well how that terrorism-label is helping the state πŸ˜’ the ones in power are the ones that get to define what kind of rebellion is allowed

People are really attached to the idea that political violence and property destruction are terrorism. Truly, if you're set on using that label for those actions, you're helping the state.

Still can't grasp how so many abolitionists are calling for people (who are on the opposite team politically) to be thrown in jail.

There is a Coup attempt is progress in Washington, DC. It would be surprising if it stays confined to DC. Time to link up with your affinity groups and trusted friends to be able protect our communities.

Finally made it onto mastadon! No surprise here, but it probably won't be long before our instagram is removed. We've had about 20 posts removed in the past 6 months for violating one rule or another. Looking forward to saying ACAB without it being taken down for 'bullying'. Please enjoy the last video we posted that got taken down (twice).

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