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I was thinking about having sex with my partner tonight but then I watched episode 3 of Banshee & now I'm just trying not to have a panic attack or dissociate.

You can put sexual violence in film/TV without it being hugelg graphic or sexualised.

My brother gave us his old Xbox one because he doesn't play it & I really just wish more people gave their friends & family members shit that they don't use anymore.

Give us your hand me downs!

Shout out to my dad for calling me a rude bitch in the middle of a cafe because I didn't let him kiss me goodbye after he cracked the shits and spoke aggressively to me when I told him I didn't want to hear his opinion on abortion.

Male entitlement is truly something else.

Have an xmas day selfie.
Velvet is always the right choice.

I feel a bit like I'm only allowed to talk about serious topics, activism, human rights, etc on here.

I am all for talking about them, but I'm also all for talking about wanting a cat, how xmas was for me this year now that I've got kids, posting selfies, general bullshit.

I keep coming on here to say something & then deleting it because it feels silly or not important enough.

It's 10pm on Christmas Eve & I've been crying on & off for about 4 hours.
I'm not even sure exactly why.
I'm really anxious, & there's some reasons to be, but I don't know which reason is THE reason.

I like Mastodon but I also like knowing people which is the only real appeal of twitter/Insta/fb.
How do we force everyone to move here? 🤔

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maybe we need to stop comparing people to "normal" in #psychology because being divergent from current cultural norms is probably a good thing.

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card games should call it placing a card ass up instead of face down.

I'm incapable of getting a good full body/outfit photo 😅

Now that they've put in place a hard border I may not be able to have xmas lunch at my Dad's because we might not have time to eat before we need to leave to get back into Vic in time to pick up the kids at 3pm. Normally it's a 15min drive, it may be an hour or more at the moment.

Living in a border town is not ideal right now.

We bought a fake Bonsai tree yesterday so that we could glue glow in the dark Kodamas onto it.

I can't post this selfie on Instagram so I'm going to post it here for the many, many people who follow me 😅

Intro post.

Hi there,
I'm Beth, She/her, 29.
Living in 'Australia' on Wiradjuri land.
Chronically ill, & disabled.
Collector of Mental Illnesses.
Queer & still very bisexual despite my partner being a dude.

I spend my days shaking my fist & society's unwillingness to acknowledge that kindness should be one of the most important goals in life.

I can be very inconsistent with social media use, things I'll post about, most other aspects of life.

I need to write a proper bio & do an introduction post of some kind but I do not have the mental energy to do so at the moment.

I'm here, trying to work out the changes & wishing I could just post pictures without having to think about words too much.

But I'm seeing posts from people who seem amazing which is awesome.

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