Read a long text about how its pointless to restrict people from going out, going to bars etc... because of corona restriction. Im not a supporter when it comes to curfews, restriction of movement etc. When we all still have to go work in factories with our 300 or even more coworkers. But I do find it ironic when the same people being againt lockdowns, support the police and hate people seeking refuge from wars, powerty, call homeless people lazy, squatters drug addicts etc etc.

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Thanks to zoom, those of us fortunate enough to still have jobs are never really off the clock.

And the more we work, the more profit those who exploit us accumulate from our labor, and the poorer we are compared to them.

Smash capitalism—abolish work.

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Po nedavnih grožnjah fašistov, je ravnokar na Metelkovo svojo moč prišla kazati tudi policija. Nova koalicija sovraštva je svojo naslednjo tarčo že izbralaOkoli 18:43 je na dvorišče AKC Metelkova mesto v polni bojni opremi vkorakalo vsaj 40 robokopov. Prispeli so z več kot 8 vozili, nato pa strumno zakorakali čez celotno Metelkovo. Razbijali so po vratih Menze pri Koritu, Tifanija, Jalle Jalle, Gromke in ostalih.

When you live by the free market : Fuck yeah

When you die by the free market : wtf is this unregulated shit!!?!

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The police on the video clearly said: "do we escalate here or there?" #ACAB

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A call for protest tomorrow at 6PM in Ljubljana now also translated: EVERYONE TO THE STREETS: Against the social destruction of the city!

is the only city that destroys a 15 year old cultural center in the name of building a new "cultural center"

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Yesterday there was a violet, unannounced eviction of #AutonomousFactoryRog in Ljubljana (with no legal grounds). Municipality with the collaboration of the state activated all the represion segments to the system to suppress the resistance. 13 people were detained (later released) of them 5 landed in the emergency room. the resistence is still in motion: protest was strong, graffiti, trashin the city ect. are in motion.Put pressure on the authorities and show your support in any way u know how!

A reflection on the events of yesterday. is hurt and is probably soon going to be demolished to a point of no return. The the city of rushes to destroy what a comunity of dedicated people took 15 years to make, we must reflect the fact that alot of famous poets lived and worked in a simular situation but in the old building in Ljubljana.

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Enough is Enough: **Ljubljana, Slovenia: Autonomous factory Rog evicted**

"Ljubljana. Slovenia. January 19. 2021. In the early morning hours riot cops showed up at the autonomous factory Rog."

#anarchism #bot

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RED ALERT! there is a eviction going on at right now. Everyone from , get ur ass down there

A cardboard casket with writen on it. Shoot during the protests in summer 2020

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In times of social crisis, despite the clear and growing need of many for an accessible and decent housing, which is increasingly difficult to afford in capitalism and gentrified cities, only luxury apartments and hotels are being built en masse. Enough! #StanovanjaZaVse #DomZaVse #BrezdomkeVHotele #BrezdomceVHotele

With the threat of ( witch hosts the anarchist radio show and ) lossing its financing from its "founder" , students are forming self organized groups with talk of reform or abolishing .

While it its ironic and satisfying that got baned from Twitter. He's probably just going to move to and enjoy uncensored brain washing of his fellow supporters

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