We were targeted for assassination after we IDed a neo-Nazi who later went to Ukraine to fight for a fascist militia. Based on our experiences and reports from international antifascists, we made this video to dispel misinfo around conflict in Ukraine.

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Key take-aways:

* There are fascist adventurers in Ukraine, Russia, & also within US military. US white nationalists take a variety of positions.
* "Campism" plays into fascist hands. Our analysis must focus on communities on the ground, not on picking a state & cheering for it.

@AtlantaAntifa yo this was like, very very good. Honestly please keep making content like this if you have the energy. I geek out in the geopolitical / conflict stuff and end up having to watch shit like Caspianreport on YT because there is such a lack of quality free content. This kind of stuff is sorely needed.

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