Thread: #OtD 13 May 1985 Philadelphia police attacked the home of Black liberation and environmental group MOVE, then dropped a bomb on it, killing 5 adults and 6 children, destroying 61 homes in the predominantly Black neighbourhood, and making 250 people homeless.

Response to the week of revenge for comrade Michael Forest Reinoehl, who was murdered by government order - Communique to the fighting comrades in so called america, from anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis - Read more: #MichaelReinoehl #antireport


Workers in India ransack an iPhone factory run by Taiwanese contractor Winston Corp over unpaid wages.

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Belarus: Update on the Uprising (November 2020)
As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had another chance to talk to Maria, an anarchist from Minsk, Belarus, about the situation in the country. We're getting a comprehensive update on the evolution of the protest
tactics, both on the st
#EnglischsprachigeBeiträge #Belarus #Counter-Insurgency #DecentralizedProtest #DigitalTactics #Repression #StateViolence #Update #uprising

On November 13, 2005, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Anarchist Timur Kacharava age 20, was murdered by a group of a dozen neo-nazi skinheads with five stabs to his neck that cut his carotid.

Punk musician, student of philosophy and militant of Food Not Bombs (Organization that redistributes independently and free of charge food).

-His death sparked massive protests and a trial against the GD party. Six weeks later, a motorcycle pulled up in front of the GD offices and two fascists died from bullets.

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«¿Cómo habría que hacer?» de Idris Robinson | @illwilleditions
«A diferencia de los liberales y reformistas, no estamos aquí para reafirmar y restablecer la ley y el orden. No estamos aquí para transformar a los Estados Unidos en un gran espacio seguro».

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The Uprising in Colombia: “An Example of What Is to Come"

In this interview with an anarchist from Bogotá, we explore the background of the revolt precipitated by the murder of Javier Ordóñez, in which protesters have wrecked at least 56 police stations and police and paramilitaries have murdered at least ten demonstrators.

: The biggest prison in Greece was burned down last night. 12,000+ people are left on their on luck in an island full of hatred for them., the fascists and the police have already launched their attack.

Solidarity with immigrants

Common struggles and communities of locals and migrants


Radical anarcho-feminists have occupied the building of the National Commission on Human Rights in Mexico and these two pictures of the occupiers with paint are wildly badass

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