-His death sparked massive protests and a trial against the GD party. Six weeks later, a motorcycle pulled up in front of the GD offices and two fascists died from bullets.

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The #ProudBoys have announced a venue change in #Portland and claim far-Right and militia groups from across the country will attend their rally to "end antifa." In the lead up to the event, Proud Boys have threatened to murder journalists and amplify their violence "10 fold."

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«¿Cómo habría que hacer?» de Idris Robinson | @illwilleditions
«A diferencia de los liberales y reformistas, no estamos aquí para reafirmar y restablecer la ley y el orden. No estamos aquí para transformar a los Estados Unidos en un gran espacio seguro».


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Across the US, millions of renters are threatened with evictions in the midst of the pandemic, ecological disaster + rising unemployment. Groups like @atun_rsia are building autonomous tenant unions on a neighborhood level to fight back. #CancelRent itsgoingdown.org/building-rent

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The Uprising in Colombia: “An Example of What Is to Come"


In this interview with an anarchist from Bogotá, we explore the background of the revolt precipitated by the murder of Javier Ordóñez, in which protesters have wrecked at least 56 police stations and police and paramilitaries have murdered at least ten demonstrators.

#BREAKING: Whistle-blower is alleging Trump appointees Chad Wolf + Ken Cuccinelli directed officials at the DHS to change intelligence reports to play up threat of anarchist + antifascist groups and to downplay far-Right + white supremacists in order to boost Trump. t.co/r9pNmg37wz t.co/p91Ehtivy2

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Scoop: A whistleblower is alleging top political appointees at DHS repeatedly instructed career officials to modify intel assessments to ensure they matched up w/ public comments from Trump about Antifa & "anarchist" groups, per documents obtained by CNN.


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: The biggest prison in Greece was burned down last night. 12,000+ people are left on their on luck in an island full of hatred for them., the fascists and the police have already launched their attack.

Solidarity with immigrants

Common struggles and communities of locals and migrants


Radical anarcho-feminists have occupied the building of the National Commission on Human Rights in Mexico and these two pictures of the occupiers with paint are wildly badass

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On Sept. 18th, the "Identitäre Bewegung" and "Ein Prozent e.V." wants to release an online game on Steam/Valve.

Please report the game.

Kick fascists out of the online gaming zone!


... Arm The Spirit was an autonomist/anti-imperialist journal published in Toronto between 1990 and 2000 ... almost 2000 publications uploaded to date ... anti-fascism/armed struggle/guerrilla/ prison struggle/black liberation/anarchism/marxism /anti-racist action/profane existence/love and rage/endless struggle/prison news service /death to the klan/ ecomedia/on the prowl/antifa forum/more/english/french / spanish/german/italian/japanese/dutch/turkish/more


Anarchist Library: **Forming An Antifa Group**

"Title: Forming An Antifa Group Introduction Anti-fascist groups, often called “antifa,” are popping up all around the United States, and a number of people have asked us for advice on forming a group. Because antifa work is different from other forms of radical organizing, and because the antifa groups…"


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On #ThisWeekInFascism, the State applauds the extra-judicial murder of Michael Reinoehl, Boogaloo Boys get caught trying to hire themselves out as mercenaries, and American Wolf tries to fundraise for Kyle Rittenhouse. itsgoingdown.org/this-week-in-

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A Demonstrator’s Guide to Helmets


This guide explores a wide range of protective headgear, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each for different situations so you can pick out what's best for you.

The life you save could be your own.

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