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I'm not the only one who's getting bad vibes over this thing, right? the dismissive way the institutions are treating it? it feels a lot like they handled early COVID, crossed with how they treated HIV.

And it affects children, much worse than COVID in this regard. While being sold as a gay plague. In the time period where groomer discourse. Please let my cassandra powers be wrong for once.

Anyway goverments are a fuck, we are gay we should know better. What do we know about monkeypox so far and what can sluts like me do to avoid killing people?

- Try to convince your DST/PrEP people to give you a vaccine. If you're promiscuous and don't have PrEP yet, now seems like a great time to arrange for that. Then pressure them for a vaccine.

- the vaccine is optimal for prevention but also works post-exposure, if you suspect contact go run after one asap.

- Condoms help but aren't enough for this one. It's still unclear why the majority cases are MLM (reminder that the cistem will often lump transfeminine folk in this category); it could be it transmits more easily on oral/anal sex than other skin contact (anal bottoms are more likely to be symptomatic¹), or just compound effects from promiscuous group settings. But there's plenty of reports also of cis women and cishet men being rejected even from testing even when they are symptomatic and insist on it—we've been there before. Maybe it's a combination of all three factors. In any case we should, sigh, cut down on group scenes (sexual or not, including clubbing) and promiscuity, particularly genital play, until more data comes up.

- In particular keep in mind it's mutated, it's not the regular monkeypox that's been around for ages. Symptoms are different, and there's people were tested via contact tracing who had very few symptoms and wouldn't even have noticed without it.² Be on the lookout for:
* swollen penis
* literal pain in the butt
* throat pain, swollen lymph nodes, difficulty swallowing
* one (1) single sore/rash/blister, rather than the more dramatic busts of a conventional pox.
* muscle pain, general flulike symptoms
* subtle presentation without all the symptoms

- from the novel symptoms it seems likely that symptoms are localised when transmitted sexually.

- If you're going to have sex/cuddle/wrestle with people from your affinity group, maybe tune up the theatrics for full-clothes-on play. USA CDC agrees with this one, reducing skin contact seems worthwhile. fwiw here's a reminder that black nitrile gloves all of look hot, smoothen play, soften nail edges, facilitate cleanup, and lower transmission of stuff like this.

- don't treat it lightly!! some people are having subtle symptoms but others do show the painful scarring lesions, many need hospitalisation, and the death rate is way too high!

- immunocompromised people seem more vulnerable to severe symptoms. also if you have eczema or other skin conditions, you're likely more vulnerable to contagion (I would be careful also of microlesions and complications from full-body razor shaving).

- symptomatic patients contaminate surfaces, especially in contact with the lesion(s), and the virus stays on them for a long time. it's unclear if this is enough for transmission; if so the risk is higher on touching the surfaces on skin lesions and mucosae. the virus is vulnerable to regular disinfection and light (but not to dryness). regular laundry is sufficient, but you want as much laundry isolation as possible if someone is infected. even without a suspicion, it's a good idea to avoid sharing towels and bedsheets etc.

- if you suspect you have it, avoid contact also with other animals, it transmits to nonhumans.


Bad mental health 

I wanna sleep but i dont want to feel the pain so im gonna qatch some more bullshit youtube that ive been watching non stop for the past 3 days. Im so broken.

Bad mental health 

Im so sad i wish i could just get over it. I meessed up and the dissonance it creates between me and my love hurts. This has been such a shitty birthday week :/

Cw bad mental health 

Im so lonely, and i fucked up and made my partner upset and now i just feel even lonelier and broken than i was before

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Cw bad mental health 

Really feeling like shit right now im so sick of living like this :/ i wish i was someone else

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finally drew something T-T

slightly nsfw: boy with a giant sword and a tiny skirt

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🎶 Nothing ever burns down by itself
Every fire needs a little bit of help 🎶

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Mpls mass eviction, aid request 

Minneapolis feral swine carried out a massive camp eviction operation today, surprising people by raiding at 1pm instead of the usual morning time.

Dozens and dozens, possibly as many as 100, are displaced, most with nothing but the clothes on their backs after all their belongings were trashed by Public Works.

The Mayor is at a parade wearing a Public Works tshirt.

Please donate to the supply depot to help those people evicted:

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Minneapolis is protesting First Ave platforming Dave Chappelle tonight (Weds July 20). 6pm at 7th St/1st Ave N.

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(about the teletubbies) what you have to understand is that the location is really the main character. really the entire series is a love-letter to the fucked-up termite mound or whatever they live in

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COINTEL-PRO Techniques, a 🧵 .

The goal of this counter-insurgency campaign was to destroy organized resistance movements, using any means necessary. A major focus was instilling a sense of paranoia & fear among movements, in order to neutralize them. Those who refused to submit were targeted with harsher methods, and some killed. Violent assaults & deaths contributed to over-greater paranoia & insecurity. By exploiting internal divisions during a time of intense repression, the FBI/police were successful in neutralizing this first phase of current resistance in North America (but they couldn’t kill the spirit).

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"A Bay Area OB-GYN is organizing an effort to bring abortion services and reproductive healthcare to several southern states bordering the Gulf of Mexico via a ship sailing on federal waters."

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trans ppl in sports / writing for cis readers 

We can talk about weight, and bone structure, when that changes through transition, etc but it doesn't matter. Trans women are women.

If we want to talk about fairness in physical differences ... then sure. I think something like weight classes in boxing makes sense for a lot of sports. But if the category is gender instead of the actual physical characteristic you're trying to control for, then you're just trying to discriminate against trans ppl.

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Mark your calendars! All sort of events being organized: mutual aid benefit shows, @defendatlforest speaking tours, fundraisers for political prisoners, bookfairs, and much, much more! Check out list and tell us what we're missing:

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RT @fanniesuby
🚨 Missing teen 15-year-old named Sanila Roberts last seen on MLK in Portland Oregon contact her mother, Shawn, at: 662-417-2168 if you see Sanila please.


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Ulster County, NY is having a design contest for their "I Voted" stickers. This is currently in the lead with 95% of the vote.

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rating boost counts on masto:

0 boosts - these posts are the backbone of fedi, braver than any us marine
1-3 boosts - ideal number of boosts, sharing stuff w/ ur friends
4-10 boosts - your post got a lil attention! nice job!
10-20 boosts - wow it's really making the rounds. good in moderation
30-60 boosts - they're still boosting that huh. hope they stop soon
60-120 boots - too many boosts, i want off of mr bone's wild ride
120+ boosts - uh oh. oh no. no thank you

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R18 art, karamatsu 

a nice summer karamatsu ☀🕶
from my aug'21 pack.

for uncensored works you can support me on:

#fanart #nsfw #nsfwart #r18 #OsomatsuSan #karamatsu

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